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Paroles d'Osiris Quelques extraits d'un célèbre OSIRIS
qui naquît en Atlantide il y a 22 000 ans

La face de l'homme est la parole de sa vie:
sa bouche exprime sa pensée, ses yeux révèlent sa conscience.
Rends la statue vivante en lui faisant exprimer la vérité du Neter.
Si tu représentes un corps sur un mur, ne montre que l'un des côtés
si l'autre est identique; montre le de face,

s'il y a inégalité dans les deux parties
car l'homme est une dualité dans sa nature tombée
mais l' unité dans son origine.

Le côté oriental reçoit, le côté occidental donne.

La logique de ton cerveau n'a aucun pouvoir sur le nombre.
Celui-ci commande à l'intelligence. Laisse les chiffres
qui dénombrent les choses à l'intelligence de la tête,
et cherche le nombre dans l'intelligence de ton coeur.

Toute surface est courbe, parce que le monde est un devenir et un retour;
tout en lui est cyclique.
Calcule comme si cette surface était plane
mais avec les nombres qui rectifient ce plan en courbe;
sinon tu seras arpenteur et non géomètre du temple.

Le premier nombre est le nombre 3
Le deuxième nombre est le nombre 4
Le troisième nombre est le nombre 5
Ce sont les vaeurs du triangle rectangle sacré.

Pour connaître les nombres, sache que l'unité est triple de sa nature comme le verbe de dieu.
Tout le nombre est fondé sur cette trinité du point et sur le triangle de surface:
mais le volume ternair est construit sur les quatres colonnes des éléments
ou qualités essentielles des choses.

Seul peut aller du point vers le volume le créateur, qui de rien fait le tout.
Mais toi, créature, tu dois chercher le point en venant du volume,
car toute chose perceptible est volume, est espace ou Esprit enclos.

La première surface est le triangle, et sa racine est l'unité incompréhensible.
Lorsque cette unité surface se dédouble,
il y a mâle et femelle, couple procréateur par les quatre éléments:
c'est le carré coupé par la diagonale.
Les quatres éléments sont le carré du ciel.
Sache que le côté d'un carré est l'assise de tout triangle rectangle.
Trace en le carré les diagonales, elles forment 4 triangles qui sont égaux
et font apparaître la loi essentielle qui régit les triangles rectangles,
loi de toute science appliquée au nombres. Tu n'en connais maintenant que la fonction.
Cherche quelle en est la nature et sur cette base trace le canevas de l'architecture du monde.




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[/tr][/table][table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center" width="700"][tr][/tr][/table] 
http://www.aiforexrobot.com/front_intro_video.swf[table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center" width="726"][tr]
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TRIPLE Your Earnings Or Better Each Month With Our "A.I. TRADING" Forex Robot... All Totally On AUTOPILOT... Even If You Have ZERO Trading Experience!

Friday, April 09, 2010 : The A.I. Forex Robot produced HUGE profit over the last month (Hands Free)!...


We've Had Enough of the Total B.S. And We're NOT Going to Take It Anymore...It's High Time You STOPPED Listening to Empty Hype With Nothing To Back It Up... To Those So-Called Forex "Experts" Who Keep Saying Robots Can Never Work (Only Because They're Scared Of Losing Their Jobs)...
"It's The Quality Of Life vs. A Few Bucks In Your Pocket.. . .. Which One Are You After??"

FORGET EVERYTHING  You've Seen And Heard About 'Forex Robots' Up To Now... I GUARANTEE That This Page Will Open Your Eyes To The AMAZING Potential Riches In Automatic A.I. Forex Robot Trading...
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it is to
PROFIT With the A.I.ForexRobot!.

We're going to take that money and buy REAL things with it, such as property, Jacuzzi's and sexy sports cars... and you can too... But don't worry... you DON'T need to trade a huge bundle of money either... our Artificial Intelligence Forex Robot works like a dream with ANY size account -- from the smallest beginner, to the gutsiest veteran, it WORKS...
Because if you understand how our robot actually makes you money.... unlike the others... then you'll be in on a ground floor opportunity that'll shoot you so far ahead of the pack it won't even be funny...
Now, normally I pay no attention to back-test results... it's like hindsight, it always 20-20...
HOWEVER... there is one exception to my back-test rule...
Results from back-testing can be solid gold IF they're proven with more than one simple test, and if they are proven with short and long term strategies, plus small risk vs. large risk settings.

So What Does This Mean To You?

It's really simple... if the robot doubles your investment or more in testing, then it should be able to do almost as well in real-life trading with real money... or at least fluctuate and stay positive/not lose.
If the robot doesn't make you at least 60-80% of what the back-tests made, then don't use that robot...
That's it... pure and simple!
So... how did our robot do in back-testing? Take a look...

Let me save you the trouble of reading all the numbers... basically:
  • The robot made 361 trades...
  • 77.29% of those trades came out ahead...
  • Net profit was over 279%
  • And only 10.5% max drawdown....

The numbers don't lie... our robot made an amazing profit each month...
You simply won't find a robot that can match that kind of success... one that actually makes that kind of money for you...
This is exactly what you've been looking for...

“Why Should You Listen to Me?”

I know, most so-called "gurus" start talking about themselves a lot earlier in the letter than this... but I wanted you to see the proof for yourself showing what the robot can do first...
After all, you don't really care about me... you want to know whether our robot will make you money on autopilot or not...
Anybody can talk and talk about how great their product is, but you want the numbers... I understand that, I'm the same way... so that's why I began with the videos and the screen shots and the stats...
So you could see for yourself that the robot works like you want it to...
But now let me tell you a bit about how we put this amazing machine together.
My name is Donald Wilberg and I'm the primary developer of the most powerful and most profitable Forex robot on the market today -- A.I. Forex Robot.
Growing up, I always had big dreams... just like most kids, right?
What's really frustrating and disappointing to me is how few people actually go after their dreams..
It's like, when people grow up they lose all their "balls"... they become afraid to go after what they REALLY want in life...
I know this sounds harsh, and I'm sorry about that, but it's the truth...

Too many people live a life
full of "What Ifs"...

They spend all their time in a haze of regrets... wondering what could have been IF they had only had the nerve to go for it...
I guess I was lucky, because I was born with plenty of nerve... and I always went for my dreams...
And that's why I've become as successful and wealthy as I have...
Most people reading this are not wealthy or successful... again, I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but one of the reasons I'm rich today is that I call it like I see it... sugar-coating reality doesn't do you any favors...
When I was in college, while everyone else was partying and fooling around I kept looking for different ways to make money.
I tried so many different next-big-things... believed so many empty promises... wasted a LOT of time chasing dead ends...
I pretty much went after anything that looked good... home business, internet marketing, real estate investment, attending seminar after seminar and buying into more crap (some of it was good though).
It may sound like I wasted a lot of time and had a lot of failures. Well, that's one way you could look at it. But actually...

I Owe My Current Wealth And Success
To All Those "Failures" Back Then...

Why do I say that?
Well, every failure told me what DIDN'T work... and maybe that sounds silly but I'm dead serious...
Thomas Edison "failed" over 10,000 times before he successfully invented the first light bulb... but he didn't consider them failures, but steps on the way to his inevitable success.
But there's another very important lesson here... and if you remember this, you'll be over one of the biggest roadblocks that most online entrepreneurs get stuck at:

You Make The BIG Money By Working SMARTER.. NOT Harder!

I hear you... this is exactly the opposite of what we've all had pounded into us by parents, teachers, and so on... we're told we have to keep working harder and harder if we want to get what we want...
But hard work alone doesn't always get you anywhere... I mean, how many friends do you have who work their tails off, long hours every day... and bring home a measly $3k or so for a whole month's work?
You may even be one of those people...
On the other hand, how many of your friends bring home this kind of money:

Oh yeah... and what's even better? This money all comes in automatically, I don't have to do a darn thing once it's set up...It's like having my own personal
online ATM machine!

(And yes... if I can do this, you can do it too.)
Look, I totally respect hard work. My Dad worked two jobs every day for over 20 years just to make sure his family had everything they needed... and I've never forgotten that.
BUT... things are different today. We have another option...
Do you think if my Dad had found a legit way to support us without working so hard and so many hours, he would have jumped on it in a second? HECK YES!
For Beginning Traders:
Don't have any experience or knowledge of Forex trading?
No problem! With A.I. Forex Robot, you can just "point and click" and start earning money with no prior knowledge of the Forex markets.
The robot installs quickly and easily and in just minutes you can be online trading and watching your numbers rise.
Plus, we include a comprehensive, multimedia Forex trading course in your package if you want to know more -- but you don't have to!
For Experienced Traders:
If you're an old hand at Forex trading, A.I. Forex Robot is perfect for you, too.
You can take advantage of the many advanced functions built into A.I. Forex Robot -- or just set it up and let it go! It's all up to you.
We understand that pros don't always want a mechanical robot and would rather do it yourself -- in that case, A.I. Forex Robot has easy to use manual settings and quick video guides to maximize semi-manual trading day to day.

"Making Money While You Sleep? A Robot Doing All The Work? As Much as $1,000... $3,000.... $5,000 All On Autopilot?"
That's what they were all saying... Nobody could figure out how I did it. it... they saw me living the dream lifestyle -- sleeping in, playing with my kids, going on vacation whenever and wherever I wanted...
Heck, even I wouldn't have believed you if you told me ten years ago what my life would be like now... and I owe it all to my Forex robot!
But most people don't understand how it works... they've never even heard of "Forex" and have no idea what it's about, much less how you can build a whole new lifestyle around it...
It's like Greek to them...
I'll start with just a few of the obvious advantages to trading Forex:
  • You Don't Need To Risk Your House Payment To Get Started – Even as little as $50 will get you going...
  • Non-Stop Trading Around The Clock -- Forex markets are open 24 hours Monday through Friday -- but because there are markets all around the world, there's almost always a market open for trading somewhere!
  • A HUGE Market -- the Forex market is bigger than all the stock and bond markets... combined!
  • No Commissions -- If you trade stocks, options, or futures you pay the spread PLUS a commission... but with Forex the spread is your only trading cost (you'll be AMAZED at how much extra immediate profit that means to you)...
  • Trade As Much Or As Little As You Want -- No limits and no minimums - only Forex can offer you that.
  • The Forex Market Can't Be Cornered -- unlike other markets, it's impossible to corner the Forex market... no matter how many people trade, you're assured of the same profit potential...

If you can't see the explosive potential in what I'm telling you here, then you're not paying attention... but to be honest, it wasn't until after I designed my first PROFITABLE Forex software that I truly understood what I had in my hands...
"I Knew I Had A Cash Bomb In
My Hands -- I Just Needed A Way
To Explode It!"

I knew I would need help with something this big.
Creating a software robot able to steadily bring in big profits on autopilot day in and day out is no small thing... MQ4 programming, building algo's, crazy math, probabilities and averages, researching different trading systems and strategies, testing and breaking EVERY single other bot on the market... ... .damn. ..I needed help, and I was only going to settle for the best of the best!
Lucky for me I had a couple of Aces in the hole -- Going through my rolodex and old phone books, I started my search for an internal team to take all my research and current robot, and build the most robust software on the planet that would be able to flip money for everyone. .. .. from the average joe, to banks and financial institutions on HUGE amounts.. . .
it didn't take long, only because pretty much everyone in my phone book that I hadn't spoken to since as long as childhood, was now married with children or stuck in a job they hated but couldn't leave.
The other fact was, the few contacts that did show some interest (one was a scientist and mathematician, the other two were both 'analytics and numbers' wiz kids), but had NO CLUE what the heck forex was, and had no interest in trading stocks, so they were too noob to share this with.
message from Charles: "DONALD, PHONE ME BACK!! I can't believe your timing - beeep"
I got home from a meeting to hear that my old buddy from UNI was doing futures and trading for quite a while, wow small world! He was working with Yugi, another contact from my younger days that I didn't know too well but did remember - THEY were blown away by the concept, and wanted proof before they jumped on board...
They were two of the smartest dudes I knew growing up.. and now they live, eat, and breathe programming and high-level math ... and I was smart enough to know that we just hit the jackpot - before they even had a clue... ...
Back at my place we finally sat and talked, as I demonstrated what I had built to date. .. . .
. . .. and the more tests I showed them, the more comparisons I showed them, the more quiet and perked up they got trying to absorb everything that was going on.
Questions started coming from them about the algorithm, the math behind it, the predictions and stop loss/take profit capabilities, averages, etc. etc. THIS impressed me BIGTIME!
They knew just as much as I did, and then a TON MORE > GRRRRRREAT!
I couldn't wait to give them my MQ4 files and see what they could do with them.

Anyway, both Charles and Yugi immediately saw what I was after. They both lit up like firecrackers and started buzzing with ideas about how to make this crazy idea into an even more profitable online cash machine!And So We Began The Process Of Completely
Transforming The Way Forex Is Traded
We started by looking at every other Forex robot we could find... went to many insider contacts and checked out the entire history of Forex investing strategies from every method and great success story we could find... talked to Forex experts and picked their brains... subscribed to every Forex magazine and newsletter available. We LIVED Forex... and wanted nothing more than to completely blow the other Forex robots out of the water...

Guess what?
Turns out that wasn't going to be as hard as we thought...
at least 89% of the stuff we saw, read, or tested was a complete waste...
We then knew that there was a crying need for the robot we were about to bring to the world of trading. The only thing stopping us it seemed was some half descent marketing.
See, most of the sites out there just rely on marketing, like when you buy something that looked hot in the store, but you bring it home and try it on and nobody including you likes it... you're too lazy to return it, so it sits there, and you just lost money...
At least we learned a lot about what NOT to do...
why NOT to be sneaky, where NOT to cheap out, and that was very valuable above our main objectives. I couldn't imagine selling someone money management related software based on smoke and mirror packaging, on a $399 rehashed piece of white label code with fancy front end window dressing... all sizzle no steak... . . ... .
. .. But there was one thing that really shocked and surprised us...

Of The Forex Robots We Tested
Worked Well In Live Trading Tests... Even The Ones That Have "Live" Claims On Their Sites!

We lost a lot of money finding that out... but we needed to do that so we'd know what actually works.
We picked up a lot of priceless information about why the other Forex robots were performing so dismally in real-world trading.
Some did GREAT mind you, just not for long. It was like a rigged slot machine at the casino, just getting you excited enough that you keep pulling at that arm until you're broke, and have to dip into your savings to get more.. . ..
. ...All the testing results and other information was compiled, compacted, digested, and re-tested by all of us as a team...
The next 7 weeks, we barely slept... we poured all our combined experience, knowledge, programming and testing into a final pre-release build...
.. . .and Finally.. A.I. Forex Robot was ready to be revealed to the world!
We took it out for a quick test spin to see what it could do... first, a simple back-test for the last two years...What we saw nearly made us fall over...
But we wanted to make sure that what we saw wasn't a fluke... so we took the robot for a full 9-year back-test...
Amazing... we tested every Forex robot we could possibly find and NONE of them came even close to these kind of results.
Now it was time for us to literally put our money to the test...
Could our Forex robot actually do what nobody else has been able to do so far?
^ 275 pips in 6 days. (4th to 10th Sept 09) 
The "A.I. Forex Robot" Consistently Returns Profits Each And Every Month...
We wanted to make sure we eliminated every last possible bit of fluff, hype, or B.S. before we took our amazing robot to market...
Both impatient and scared, we didn't want anyone decompiling or getting their hands on a copy no matter what, so it was quite the process making sure we were covered and don't over expose ourselves in our meetings and presentations.
Having something built from scratch that mines a marketplace and pulls profitable signals consistently is something that I'm sure MANY would do just about 'anything' for to get to be the first to get their hands on it (< And I mean that in a 'wow people could literally kill for this, maybe even kill for it not to ever reach the masses' kind of way).
We did some stupid and paranoid things during that time!
I remember always making sure the MQ4 and final build of our bot was NOT installed on any of the staffs home PC's including mine, or in our studio, we had a VPS that was quietly running all our tests and live trades.. . ..
. .. . we put up tons of security cameras and started recording every single call and conversation we had with anyone regarding our business, we even started to get a few interesting letters from... well... . . unwanted parties... ..
.. . ..At one point we were even thinking of protecting ourselves by getting a few guns! Thank god we didn't get THAT paranoid!!
Anyway random memories... back on topic:
These results did not come from cherry-picked trades... no back-testing and no theoretical predictions based on wishful thinking...
...but REAL cold hard cash using real custom made combined strategies!
Just so we could make absolutely 100% sure that literally anyone could turn Forex Robot into their own easy-to-use online ATM, we found some people to try it out for us...
We weren't looking for trading experts -- in fact that's not who we wanted at all, we wanted regular people with no Forex or other trading experience, either online or offline. We wanted to know if they could easily and consistently make the kind of money for themselves that we knew was possible... Here's what happened to a few of them:

^ 100 pips in 3 days (14th to 17th Sept 09) 

^ Combination of short trade (+46 pips),
then losing long trade (-45 pips), then short trade(+40),
and long trade (90pips) is a total profit of 131pips in 5 days (18th – 22nd Sept).

In Just 5 Minutes You Can Be Watching
Money Pour Into Your Account Too!

That's right, a measly 5 minutes...
In that short time you can be seeing the REAL cash results of the A.I. Forex Robot yourself.
Even now as you're reading, our bot is putting real money into our account, and making many other early bird owners wealthier by the minute...
You've seen the results and proof... and it all comes to you on autopilot, completely hands off...
Anyone Can Do This... ABSOLUTELY NO Forex Or Other Trading Knowledge Needed To Make This Kind Of Money For Yourself - Day After Day On Autopilot
It almost installs itself, it's THAT easy... if you can click a mouse, you're all set!
PLUS we've included a comprehensive course in Forex trading and manually setting your software for even BIGGER returns -- it begins with the basics and goes all the way through to very advanced concepts and sophisticated analysis... (but this is optional reading/doing -- you can still make money trading with A.I. Forex Robot without any experience or knowledge!)

Here's the deal...

We know very well that not everyone loves and understands computers as much as we do... we took special care to make sure our robot was extremely user friendly, and simple to install and use. After all what good is a software made by 3 geniuses if you can't even get past the install .... .... .. .. .
If you can surf the web and send an email, you already have more than enough skill to use the A.I. Forex Robot. You will be amazed when you see how easy it actually is!
But check this out...
Once Forex Robot is up and running you can completely ignore it... it runs by itself. If you didn't see for yourself, that your bank account is growing larger every day, you might actually forget you even had it!
(Don't forget that AI Forex Robot is perfect for experienced traders too, with its array of advanced analysis functions and settings, you can customize it to your own preferences and maximized performance...)

If You Act Now You Will Belong To An EXCLUSIVE Group Of People Living Their Dream Lives While Doubling Or Tripling Their Income - Every Month!
^ Long trade is 50 pips
plus short trade of 150 pips = 200 pips in 4 day 
The AI Forex Robot is a lot more than just a great trading tool -- it's a whole new way of making a great living. That's what it has given myself, Charles, Yugi, and countless others who are using our bot to bring in fast, automatic cash when they need it...
Here's The Keys To A Debt-Free, Carefree, Life Of Freedom And Luxury... And It's Available To You Right Now...
How often does a golden opportunity stare you in the face? One that can single-handedly transform the way you live and permanently change the course of your life?
It doesn't happen very often...
And in those rare times when it DOES happen... are you one of those people who take notice, stand up and take action to make a better life for you and your family?
Sometimes taking a small step makes all the difference in the world... the difference between staying in the same rut and running in place.... or making that small change and feeling gratitude and relief that you grabbed the opportunity when you had the chance...
Especially these days... which brings me to the question that many people are asking to themselves right now...
"With The World Economy In Such Turmoil, Is Forex Trading Still A Good Way To Make Money?"
Well, if you ask anyone who's selling a Forex robot or other Forex product, of course they're going to tell you it does... they're going to tell you what they think you want to hear, and offer all kinds of flimsy arguments to try and back it up.
We're not interested in pulling the wool over your eyes, and we don't need to in the first place.
The cold hard truth is... currencies are always being traded no matter what the economy is doing elsewhere, and it will always work with the same profit potential as any other time...
Money keeps rolling in even while other industries are being downsized, banks are closing, and huge automakers continue to go bankrupt no matter how many stimulus packages are thrown at them.
This is actually pretty darn good insurance to have in troubled economic times...
Let's check out another set of trades and see how A.I. Forex Robot performed while the most SEVERE economic downturn in decades was going on...

^Look at that - 500% profit........ .. . ...
That's what the Forex Robot does during recessions... it spits out steady supplies of cold, hard profit!! So don't be fooled, eco crisis or not - forex is BOOOMING and will for years to come (it's actually still in it's infancy, like the internet was in the early 90's).
There's really no competition... the A.I. Forex Robot is the ONLY real choice for people who:

  • Have a day job or other time constraints and aren't able to watch the markets all day long -- Forex Robot is automatic and hands off and will do everything for you...

  • Don't have any experience trading -- Forex Robot does everything for you from start to finish!

  • Want a good, steady income -- either full time or a consistent second source of money...

  • Are sick and tired of their soul-sucking cubicle jobs -- and want to work for themselves and make their own hours...

  • Want to start making good money today -- not weeks or months from now!
    BONUS: Complete A-to-Z Forex Course
    Order today and you also get a complete course in trading Forex. It covers everything you need to know whether you're just starting out and need to know the basics -- or if you're an experienced veteran who wants to take advantage of some of the most up-to-the-minute trading strategies and sophisticated analysis tips and manual settings.
    The Forex course is delivered digitally along with the A.I. Forex Robot -- download both instantly and be trading within minutes!
    "Why Are You Releasing This Amazing Money-Making Machine To The Public Instead Of Keeping It To Yourself?"
    We make a LOT of money for ourselves trading. In fact, if our sales of the program itself went WAY beyond our most optimistic predictions, it would still never come anywhere close to the cash we already generate through our own live trading!
    We can afford to be confident in our program because we use it ourselves every day, and if we didn't and retired right now, we'd be set for a few generations Wink. This let's us automate our business a bit more and slowly transition to retirement.
    You're probably wondering how much we're charging for this by now, and or assuming that this is going to cost thousands.. . ..
    Well. . ...Considering that this can turn $100K into $380+K in such a short time, as you saw in our trading proof above, and because it can keep doing that over and over, month after month, year after year... well, how much would something like that be worth to you?
    You could even pay as much as $10,000 and it would still easily be well worth it in the long run... right?!
    The problem with charging that much is that most people obviously could not afford it...
    And that's a lose-lose situation... those people don't get to transform their lives by making good money online, and we don't get the income from selling the robot...
    So we figured out a good compromise that would work for the largest number of people:
    Only a ONE-OFF,
    It's a price that most people can pay, and you can actually make it back in a single day from your trading profits (actually you can make waayyyyyy more than that in a day)... We've been bothered SO MUCH to release this system for the past few months that we figured it was time to give the public at least a pre-release in 09, and MAYBE do a formal release in 2010 where we'd get our real retail value price going... So with this $97 pre-release option - Everyone wins! If you're reading this line, it means that there are a few copies still left!
    Let's recap what you get for this ridiculously low price:
    • A.I. Forex Robot with its unique and state-of-the-art capabilities ...
    • A comprehensive multimedia course in Forex trading, A to Z, with everything you need to know -- whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, there's priceless information contained inside! (Both literature and videos).
    • A 60-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely happy with your results!
    • A complete, ready-to-go system for making as much money as you want

    -- TOTAL WORTH $2997
    And you can download everything immediately and be trading within minutes!
    Why are we doing this?
    It's easy -- Forex Robot is brand new, and we KNOW from our research and testing that it's far and away the best robot program out there. So we want EVERYONE to have a chance to use it, and pricing it this affordably is the best way to spread the word for our much BIGGER launch in 2010...
    However, this special price of $97 one-time payment is for a very limited time and batch of orders only -- if you don't take action on it now you'll have to pay the regular monthly subscription rate like everybody else will soon.. .
    So let's recap: If you buy right now you'll only make a one-time payment of $97, and will never be charged again, ever.
    You get every single benefit that people who will pay the full monthly price will be getting... and they'll be paying every month as long as they use the A.I. Forex Robot... but YOU only have to pay once...
    For a very limited time, only $97 one-time payment...
    Take advantage of this opportunity while it is still available!

    Still Thinking About It? How About If We Take Every Last Bit
    Of Risk
    OUT Of The Equation?
    Update Friday, April 09, 2010 : New Pricing Policy To Come Into Effect

    Our hosting servers are having trouble dealing with the flood of visitors and so the introductory price of a one-time payment of $97 will be terminated after the next 100 53 22 copies are sold.
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The AIForexRobot makes no representation or warranty regarding its compliance with local laws in foreign jurisdictions, or regarding the appropriateness of the Web site's content or its compliance with such local laws. You understand that the The AIForexRobot site is the only means of accessing the AIForexRobot Expert Advisor. You agree that AIForexRobot shall not be liable for any losses or damages you incur as a result of the unavailability of The AIForexRobot Web site from foreign countries.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. Hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading.

All information on this website or any e-book purchased from this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advise. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold Forex Insurrection and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. The use of this system constitutes acceptance of my user agreement.

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