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MessagePosté le: Mar 2 Nov - 11:41 (2010)    Sujet du message: DIGITAL DEMENTIA Répondre en citant

Digital Dementia Troubles Young Generation
By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter

A 28-year-old salaried woman Lee, who works at a cosmetics company, often forgets passwords for her e-mail accounts these days.

``I have different passwords for each of my 10 e-mail accounts. I wrote those passwords in my diary and it��s difficult for me to get access to e-mail accounts without the help of the diary. I am just overwhelmed by passwords for e-mail accounts,���� said Lee.

Lim, a 30-year-old worker at a telecommunication company always carries many digital devices with him. He handles his schedule with a mobile phone with wireless Internet access and a PDA in order to efficiently manage his complicated work.

However, Lim says he forgets things more often now compared to the days he wrote his appointments in a notebook. ``Last week, I had to go to a department store where I had left my clothes to be repaired. However, I just could not remember which department store it was,'' he said. Worried Lim went to the hospital, but the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him and recommended a rest.

Experts say more and more salaried men in their 20s and 30s are suffering from memory failure known as ``digital dementia'' due to their excessive dependency on digital devices like cell phones or PDAs, rather than suffering for any particular brain disorder.

``Digital dementia���� is a side effect of abundant use of digital devices. Unlike before, people these days are not required to make much effort to remember things as they are just a button away from all the necessary information which is stored in cell phones, PDAs or navigators. All they have to do is just search through them. Easy access to the Internet also weakens memory capacity. Whenever people ask others about something, you will very likely hear: ``Check the Internet.����

In a recent survey by the job search Internet portal Incruit and research company Embrain of 2,030 salaried men, 63 percent or 1,281 said they suffered from forgetfulness. More than 60 percent of the workers aged between 20 and 30 said they are forgetful. Asked what causes forgetfulness, 20.4 percent or 261 respondents answered that an environment overwhelmed by digital devices lessens the need for them to remember things.

``As people are more dependent on digital devices for searching information than memorizing, the brain function for searching improves whereas an ability to remember decreases,'' said Yoon Se-chang, a professor and doctor at Samsung Medical Center.

He went on to say that people who suffer from digital dementia do not have to worry so much, since it is a temporary phenomenon and can be cured by improved concentration and memorization.


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MessagePosté le: Mar 2 Nov - 11:48 (2010)    Sujet du message: DIGITAL DEMENTIA Répondre en citant

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Jennifer R.

26 oct. 2010 04:19

Hi,How are you today?

27 avr. 2010 21:30

Have a wonderful day! Wink

Myke Iscariot

8 janv. 2009 21:01

Hey man, you better believe i'll be fcuking flipping out on stage..! There's going to be keyboards flying, the keys being flung out into the audience, while panties fly up on stage (you gotta help me with that), cd's flying everywhere (decapitating people and taking out eyes), various controlled substances being abused on stage... i'll problably slip into some sort of trance and start screaming in tongues, etc...

and i have a special surprise in store for everyone, i think you'll dig it... just listen to "The Only Time" by NIN to get ready for it bro.. i strongly encourage you to..!
Holle Arnold

8 janv. 2009 01:41

awesome tracks!!!!

i will talk to you more about my thoughts later, but i want to say here that i am loving your work.
: )
♥ MN ♥

4 janv. 2009 19:06

♥ MN ♥

8 avr. 2008 00:31

Digital Dementia Rockzors <3

8 déc. 2007 11:01

♥ MN ♥

11 oct. 2007 07:05

♥ MN ♥

27 sept. 2007 03:18

Originally uploaded by devineone

25 août 2007 13:48

♥ MN ♥

16 août 2007 02:49


Originally uploaded by devineone
Sara Christina

11 août 2007 02:46

We may go out Sat night for a me 934-4417...I'd love to see you guys!

28 juil. 2007 02:08

much love!, no comments/lyrics etc. are available for incarnadine...
Nightmare Noise Machine

24 juil. 2007 03:10

Greetings and Salutations Spaceman!
Raine Vivian

20 juil. 2007 05:58

Im tottaly fuckin down.
nice remix heh.
Digital Dementia

19 juil. 2007 18:29

Thanks Saturnelia and Raine, you know I love you too!

Saturnelia, lets make babies together cause they would be so cute. If only we could get someone else to raise them!

Raine, Lets write a track together sometime, I bet we'd come up with something delicious!
Raine Vivian

18 juil. 2007 21:34

I love you MORE!
♥ MN ♥

18 juil. 2007 02:53

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Inscrit le: 25 Mar 2009
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MessagePosté le: Mar 2 Nov - 11:52 (2010)    Sujet du message: DIGITAL DEMENTIA Répondre en citant

Specializing in solutions that are beautiful inside and out.

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We are a professional full service technology consulting firm with a unique perspective spanning website and graphic design, software development, and the use of technology to streamline business processes. We like to approach things from a different angle – yours. See how we can help you by browsing our list of services.
We Work With You.
At Digital Dementia, it’s all about you. We are focused on building long term client relationships, based on value and trust. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction by delivering reliable service in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. We start by really talking to you and listening to your vision and ideas to produce a concept design, and we’ll work on it until you are happy. After reviewing and tweaking the concept, we finalize the design and create your perfect product. We make sure that you are involved with the development process, from beginning to end.
Let us handle your technical needs so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.
Digital Dementia is located in friendly Prince George, British Columbia and is happy to service businesses throughout British Columbia and beyond.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the great service you will receive at prices that won’t break the bank. We work with you  and within your budget. We don’t try to up sell you on items you don’t need. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.
We are truly passionate about what we do. Whether it is building great websites, creating custom software applications, or designing a stylish logo, we give it everything we’ve got to ensure that it solves your needs in an elegant, efficient way.
Our Commitment
At Digital Dementia, it’s all about you. We are focused on building long term client relationships, based on value and trust. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction by delivering reliable service in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being accessible to you and involving you in the process to ensure that your vision is realized.
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MessagePosté le: Mar 2 Nov - 11:56 (2010)    Sujet du message: DIGITAL DEMENTIA Répondre en citant

Digital Dementia
illegitimi non carborundum

Eminem & Rihanna – I Love The Way You Lie
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 09-08-2010
Category : Music Videos

Eminem debuted his latest music video (For “I Love The Way You Lie”, featuring Rihanna) the other day- but not without a wash of controversy.
Some claim the rapper is glamorizing, or making light of, the serious issue of domestic violence. According to these people, the lyrics of the song send a bad message- essentially that abusive relationship are ‘okay’, as long as the abuser feels sorry for his actions.
Considering both Eminem’s well-publicized relationship (with ex-wife Kim Mathers), and Rihanna’s recent domestic attack by then-boyfriend Chris Brown (who she did not immediately separate from), it is safe to say that both musicians have drawn their performances from personal experience. That the pair intended to minimize the seriousness of domestic violence is, in my opinion, an assertion made by people who either did not fully watch or understand either the video or song.
The video-which depicts Megan Fox alternately making out and fighting with Merry from Lord of the Rings- shows scenes in the life of a couple caught in a passionate (albeit, tumultuous) relationship. The rap portion of the song itself comes from the abuser’s point of view, and expresses a combination of anguish, fear, regret and anger. The abuser apologizes for his actions and promises they will never happen again- but also admits to himself that he is lying. The song ends with a violent threat- a controversial line that many point to as proof of the song’s negative message.
In truth, the intention of both the song and video are to denounce domestic abuse, while also highlighting the patterns that tend to arise in these types of relationships. Often, the venom and fury expressed during confrontations can be easily written off as an unpleasant side-effect of being in such a ‘passionate’ relationship. A victim may stay with her abuser not only because of the promises made, but also due to a sort of ‘addiction’ to the ‘high’ gained from being the object of another person’s obsession. Many victims of domestic abuse will explain to friends and family, “When it’s bad, it’s bad. But when it’s good- it’s amazing.”
Through the course of the song, Eminem offers many of the explanations and excuses commonly heard from both abusers and their victims. The relationship is passionate, all-consuming. Both parties just fall into bad patterns. Things can change. The abuser may feel a genuine regret for his actions- but still know deep down that he is unwilling and/or incapable of changing.
To me, this song comes off as a warning. Abusive relationships show distinct patterns of behavior, and couples within these relationships will often go through ‘cycles’ of good and bad. They may have regular ugly ‘breakups’, only to passionately reunite and start over again. With each cycle, however, things can spiral more out of control. Passion turns to obsession, and a feeling of ownership over the other person. One day, that ‘breakup’ may not lead to a reconciliation- and when the abuser realizes that the pattern they have grown to depend on has been broken, they can react in unexpected and violent ways.
Gaining insight from his experiences, Eminem draws attention to a serious issue. Pairing with Rihanna- a domestic abuse victim herself- makes the message even more powerful: The problem of domestic abuse exists in a very real way. However, abusive relationships don’t generally start out that way. There is a such a gradual downward spiral that, by the time an abuse victim is able to identify herself as such, it is too late.
Already, the video has made a difference. Megan Fox donated her entire paycheque from this video to an organization that helps abused women. Due to the controversy surrounding the video and song lyrics, people are talking about domestic violence in a very real way. Because of this, I have to applaud Eminem and Rihanna for their courage, and thank them for putting out such a thought-provoking piece of work.

Dexter – Season Five (Trailer)
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 04-08-2010
Category : Dexter, Spoilers

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the Season Five premiere of Dexter, an extended trailer has finally been released! Check it out below.

I won’t lie- as a mother, the trailer made me absolutely sick to my stomach with grief and anxiety. As a Dexter fan, I’m very excited!

S3 Episode Recap: “Hitting the Ground”
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 04-08-2010
Category : Episode Recaps, True Blood

"Oh noes! Don't die!"

Warning: All episode recaps contain heavy spoilers from episodes up to date.
HBO’s True Blood started to pick up momentum on Sunday night, as we now officially enter the second half of season three. And in classic Alan Ball fashion,we both started and finished episode seven (“Hitting the Ground”) with gruesome, bloody death.

→ Continue

Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 04-08-2010
Category : Members

Some of you may be a little confused by the amount of posts that poured into the board this morning- and some may not have noticed at all.
What I’ve done is install a feed-reader that automatically picks up the RSS feed from each of your personal blogs, then turns them into posts on this site. 
The PROBLEM with this feed-reader is that it automatically puts everything into the MAIN index page- which I don’t want (because I want to be dedicated to non-personal threads).  It also automatically attributed every one of the posts, regardless of author, to Rinjii… making it look like she was having a good ol’ spam party up in here.
It was just a matter of adjusting the feed settings.  Now it will be pulling feeds every five minutes.  If there is a new update, it will show up here.  Only, not on the MAIN page (had to filter it out).  Rather, all posts will be gathered in the “Illuminati” category page.  So if you don’t have time to individually check everyone’s page, but you still want an update about how their doing… check it out!

Top WordPress Plug-ins
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 30-07-2010
Category : Technical Assistance, WordPress

Good morning everyone! 
I’ve been working with WordPress a LOT lately, and I’m learning more and more every day.  However- I’ve noticed that some of you aren’t getting a lot done with your WordPress Pages.  I understand that it can be confusing at first.
Did you know that there are some great plugins available through WordPress that makes doing things within your page a lot easier?  I thought I’d talk about some of my favorites.  But first, let’s talk about how to INSTALL plugins. 
  • Plugin Installation:  When you’re in your WP admin page, go to the “Plugins” link (menu, left hand side) and check ‘Add New’.  From there you can either search for a plug-in by name, or upload a plugin.  I generally just run my searches through admin and when I find what I’m looking for, I install directly from the site.  But sometimes I’ll find plugins through online searches- when this happens, I save the plugin as a zipped file.  Then I’ll check the ‘upload’ link and upload the zipped file.  Once it’s uploaded, I’ll check the ‘activate’ button.  To activate or deactivate plugins manually, just go to the ‘plugins’ link in the Plugins menu.

Now, onto my favorite plugins!  These I’ve found particularly handy over the past few weeks.
1) My Link Order- I am a big fan of posting link lists.  Links to member pages, links to my favorite pages, etc.  You can easily catagorize and sortyour lists through wordpress, but links WITHIN a catagory tend to be automatically sorted either alphabetically or by the order the links were created.  Well, I HATE being restricted to that sort of thing.  I like to order my links by importance or relevance or other criteria of my own.  My Link Order is awesome because it creates a link within your ‘Links’ menu (called ‘My Link Order’) that lets your order your links through a drag and drop inteface.  In short?  It kicks butt.
2)My Page Order- This plugin works in pretty much the same was as “My Link Order”, only for your pages.  It creates a drag and drop ordering system for your pages which is VERY handy.  For example, if you take a look at the top menu on this page you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Most menus for most templates will automatically display every page you’ve created, and they will do so either by page number or alphabetically.  In this case, I wanted the page links displayed in a particular order- which was easy to do with My Page Order.  No fiddling around with script, no pulling my hair out… easy peasy.
3)WP Hide Post- This is another must-have plugin for me.  Sometimes I’ll create pages that I DO NOT want automatically added to the top menu. This plugin creates a new field that you’ll see when you’re editing posts/pages.  It asks you if you want to display the link, hide the link on the main page, or hide it in general.  VERY handy because it means you can create posts but not display them until YOU are ready to.
4)Fancy Gallery- This program comes in real handy in the event you want to display pictures on your website in a nicer way.  WP already has a pretty nice gallery program, but there’s absolutely no ‘show’ behind it.  I’m a fan of light-box displays, simple but lovely, and Fancy Gallery gives that to me.  It allows you to edit your settings (Settings –>Fancy Gallery) however you like and when you display your pictures you can either do so individually, or create a ‘slideshow’ so that scrolling your mouse allows you to scroll through each picture.  For example:

 6)Permalink Moved Permanently- So maybe you decide to change your permalink structure- but other people have bookmarked your blog entries.  If they clink the old link, they’ll get a 404 error message- unless you use this plugin.  Traffic will be automatically directed to the new link.  Definitely comes in handy!
My final favorite plug-in has the FEATURES of a plug-in,but is actually a Theme.  If you go to ‘Appearance’ –>Themes–>Add New and run a search, look for Twenty Ten Weaver.   Twenty Ten is the default theme for WordPress and, as it stands right now, has a LOT of features that other themes just DON’T.  Lots of room to use widgets, customizable header and background, etc.  The TROUBLE is that it’s hard to customize other physical features of the Twenty Ten theme without digging into the editor and getting elbow-deep in script.  If you’re not so inclined to do this (or just don’t know how) then Twenty Ten Weaver will be your LIFESAVER.  It lets you choose from a variety of different Twenty Ten ‘child’ themes.  Then you can FURTHER customize those themes, using whatever colors you wish.  You wind up with a page that is 100% your own- customized, professional… without breaking a sweat.
I’ll be sure to post more of my favorite themes and plug-ins as I discover them!!!

Chat & Members Links
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 28-07-2010
Category : Community, Technical Assistance

Some of you may have noticed that I removed the shoutbox from the main page.  This is because, if you use the old forum.html link and then navigate to the main page, you wind up with two shoutboxes.  Sort of overkill, I think. 
The shoutbox is still available, however.  Just go to the ‘index’ page and click the chat icon (in the middle column, where the shoutbox used to be) or the link that says ‘open chat’, and the chat frame will open.  You can then surf the site and chat at the same time.  If you want to close the chat frame, just click the ‘close chat’ link and it will close.
To be warned- clicking the ‘close chat’ link will send you back to the home page, so don’t click that if you’re in the middle of writing a forum post or something, or you’ll lose it. 

I also found that, with the amount of member pages we have, the ‘members’ drop-down menu was just too ridiculously bulky.  So I’ve moved the member-page links to just under that Chat portion of the sidebar.

Update- Jul 28/10
Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 28-07-2010
Category : Community, Technical Assistance, WordPress

Morning everyone!   Time for some updates about what’s going on with the page.
I successfully fixed the RSS feedlink error that bugged me for about three days, and have since created/coded author profile pages (and also fixed it so that when you click your name under a post, it actually DOES something- don’t know why it wouldn’t automatically, silly WordPress….).  So if you click on a person’s name (Either in the ‘Authors’ link section, or under their post) you’ll be taken to their author profile page.  It tells a little bit about them, shows their Gravatar, links to their website…. then shows all posts by that person.
  • Note:  If your avatar shows up as a little blue-doohicky it means you don’t have a Gravatar account.  Get one- they’re free!  Just attach it to the email addy attached to your profile and it comes up automatically.   Easy peasy.

In order to customize this information that shows up in your author profile, you need to edit your Forum and WordPress profiles.  To edit your WP profile, log in and click your name (Top right-hand corner, where it says, “Howdy, {Username}”).  Whatever you enter in your ‘biography’ section is what shows up on your Author page.  The WP profile page will also have a link at the top that says, ‘You can enter more stuff through the forum profile’ or something like that.  This is your ‘Main’ OpusNocturna account, your forum login.  Set your web address there.  You can have it so it links to your personal blogs, or whatever page you’d like…. it’s really your call. 
  • Note:  The Author page will only link to your posts at  So if you want it to link to your personal blog, you’ll have to set your blog as your webpage.

Also just a reminder that the blog is really meant for non-personal use (hense why we have our own blogs, the forum, etc).  If you’re going to post on the main page, your posts should fall into one of the following categories:  News-related (Though- this isn’t a news page.  Avoid ‘general’ news topics whenever possible.  News of global importance is okay), Entertainment-related (Movies, Music, Television, etc), and Creative (writing, poetry, art, photography, etc).  I know we’re not fully-active yet and some of you may want to create ‘test posts’ here and there just to get used to how things work.  Definitely understandable- but if possible, try to keep to the habit of putting personal stuff in personal blogs.
That is all!  Hope everyone has a good day.

Posted by MercuryBlue | Posted on 26-07-2010
Category : Community, Technical

Not a lot of visible updates today- but I am working behind the scenes.  Just because you don’t always see changes doesn’t mean they’re not happening!

A Very Potter Sequel
Posted by Kimberlina | Posted on 23-07-2010
Category : Harry Potter, Humor
Tags: harry potter, youtube

Before I get yelled at for spamming the front page with my dorkiness, I know I’m not the only one who adores these guys

That said, the Youtube user Starkidpotter finally released the video for their Harry Potter musical sequel. It can be found here:
Go to the side column and click on the playlist you want to watch from. (Also: I highly suggest watching the original “A Very Potter Musical.” There are a lot of jokes in AVPS that you won’t get unless you see it first. The sound quality is a bit rough for the first video or so, but after that, it gets better after that. I know Dee said she watched it with headphones, so that helped. And promptly started quoting lines)
(While you’re at it, “Me and My Dick”= I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. It’s a musical comedy about people and their relationships with their… bits. Definitely not for the kiddies, but some of the most brilliant crude humor ever. And there’s no Harry Potter references, if that’s not your thing lol)

SUCCESS!- A Site Update
Posted by OpusNocturna | Posted on 22-07-2010
Category : Members, WordPress

If this works, it means I’m amazing and you should IMMEDIATELY start with the feet kissing.  BTW- I’m not wearing socks and my feet are sweaty.  Just so you know.
(Oh, this is Carrie, btw.  Tester account.  This whole post is a test…)
So, here’s where we currently sit, update-wise:
I’ve successfully integrated and our PHPBB3 forum.  That’s right, that’s right.  I know, I’m amazing.  
What does this mean?  A few things. 
  • First off, the forum is ‘part’ of OpusNocturna, now.  Yeah I know, design-wise, there IS no integration yet, but that will come very soon.  However, you can browse the forum WHILE being at now- we’ve got a consistent header/footer thing going on which looks soooooo much better
  • We only need ONE login.  With that login, we can post at the board AND comment on blogs.  If you’re a member of the Illuminati group, you can also automatically create blog posts at  There’s no seperate registration, no waiting for me to ‘set’ your authoring privvies, etc.  For those of you who already registered for, I’ve merged your account with your forum account, so there is but one.
  • Keep in mind- you still need a seperate username and passwords for your private pages.  Once again-different database, different system. 

Yeah, I know the chat feature is wonkey (if you go to, then click on the ‘home’ link, you’ll see what I mean!) but don’t worry, it’s on the list.
Just keep visiting and posting, and check out all the cool updates and modifications as they happen!



Your donations keep this site running. Thank you.

[*]Categories[list][*]Community [*]Dexter [*]Episode Recaps [*]Forum [*]Harry Potter [*]Human Interest [*]Humor [*][url=http://opusnocturna

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