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Transmission about the New World Order,
Cathy O'Brien, MKULTRA, Project Monarch, and more...

Transmitted from the Universal Mind (aka "Cosmic Awareness")
through Paul Shockley while in a trance state -- September 28, 1996

Question from JD in New York:  She sent this question in before Awareness discussed this particular book.  She writes: "I have just finished reading Trance Formation of America, the true-life story of a CIA mind-control slave, by Cathy O'Brien, with Mark Phillips.  It is the most disturbing book I have ever read, due in part to the chillingly unemotional manner in which the victims detail the most hideous and revolting physical, mental, emotional abuse and tortures to which she was repeatedly subjected.

In the past, Awareness has indicated that certain things were or are done by the New World Order cabal which sounded so outrageous and improbable that I had great difficulty regarding them as likely fact.  In addition, I had accumulated other snatches of purported information from seemingly reliable sources, including my own deductive and noetic faculties.

The cumulative total of these had not even vaguely prepared me for the shocking horrifying picture given in revolting detail in this account of the heartless, ruthless, arrogant, power-drunk machinations.  It names names -- intimate details specified -- of the New World Order planners.

This extensive first-hand account of trauma-induced mind control wove the previous fragments into a coherent and totally credible picture of vulnerable persons, mostly female, often juvenile, -- abused skillfully, mentally fragmented, trained and controlled for use in political and lucrative operations including prostitution, pornography, blackmails, secret communications, drug and money running, and as programmed sex toys at the beck and call of handlers, pedophiles, sadists and even murderers.

The programming designation is given as "MK-Ultra Project Monarch."  First, can Awareness confirm the contents of this book as essentially factual?"

This is in the affirmative.  This awareness indicates the entity presented the information as clearly, as concise and as accurately as she could.  The problem was there was so much more that she could have inserted that was not inserted because of the lack of room.  There was much that could have been emphasized further which was often understated.  


Question: "Is the primary purpose of the heralded search for child pornographers primarily in fact a search for sexual abused children who can be acquired for this mind control slavery program, using as leverage the threat of prosecution of the porn vendor who is usually the child's parent?"  
This awareness indicates that this is correct in regard to the Monarch project -- that not all efforts to prevent child pornography are linked to the Monarch project.  


Question: "When did this project gear up?  And how many people to date have been thus victimized?"  
This awareness indicates this began in the late fifties and early sixties.  It became conceived during that time and became active in the mid-sixties.  There rest of the question be repeated please.  

"How many people to date have been thus victimized?"  
This awareness sees this as having been several thousand, but most were not prominently known.  Most are anonymous persons.  Many of the missing children on milk cartons are victims of such programming.  This awareness indicates there is a joke among these entities, wherein they refer to these abductees as the 'milk carton kids'.  

"What percentage of these are female?"  
This awareness indicates this approximately two thirds.  

"What percentage of these began their victimization at government hands while still children?"  
This awareness suggests this as approximately 80% or more.  It is relatively rare that the government agencies use adult entities for such purposes, unless they have already some history in being the victims of pornography.  This awareness indicates that in many cases the intelligence agencies use these entities for spying or for international intrigue operations in which the entity would be subjected to using sex to lure some foreign official into action that would be promoted for the purpose of espionage or some other activity.  

"What percentage came from child care institutions?"  
This awareness suggests this being approximately twenty percent; that the child care institutions involved in such activity would be those specifically set up for this kind of action or which had been perverted from their original intent, such as Boy's Town in Nebraska.

This awareness indicates that most child care institutions have been given a bad rap, being blamed for things which give the government the appearance of trying to protect children, when in most cases, the institution was not guilty of any such crime.  

"What percentage were simply abducted from their families, if any."  
This awareness indicates this being approximately 50%.  There are certain networks wherein abductees are moved and brought into centers for further processing into these government agencies for the further indoctrination into the pornographic industry.  

"Were these victims exclusively Americans?"  
This is negative.  

"How many have been killed, as Cathy O'Brien was slated to have been?"  
Over the past 40 years, this is seen as approximately 4,000, though not all of these 4,000 were in the Monarch program itself, some being on the fringe, or used without being fully involved in the program.  


Question: "Approximately how many U.S. citizens are knowingly involved in the training, handling and use of these slaves?"  
The term 'knowingly' is a limiting term.  This awareness suggests this as being less than 2,000 entities.  


Question: "Ms. O'Brien was rescued by Mark Phillips in 1988.  Has the "program" continued unabated since those days?"  
This as in the affirmative.  She has been struggling to free her daughter from the program.  As of now she has not been successful in totally freeing her daughter in spite of efforts in courts and in spite of the work and effect of her book.  


Question: "Although the account would not be believable by most, nor would most care to wade through such repulsive details, the book has been published in two editions thus far, and undoubtedly discussed on the Internet.  What else can be done to put an end to this shameful and horrible situation which is being kept secret?  Investigations are stonewalled under the National Security Act."  
This awareness indicates entities could purchase copies of the book, send them to their Congressional and Senatorial leaders with the demand that this be investigated by Congress and that the entities involved be investigated. This Awareness suggests also copies to be sent to, or summaries of the book to be sent to news media outlets, to churches and to various officials, locally and nationally and in this manner, entities can begin to stir up more and more concern.  

This awareness suggests also that those groups that are looking out for children should be given copies with questions: "What are you doing about this kind of thing?  If you can't do something about it, why do you exist as a group, taking donations for the sake of missing children?"  Put people on the spot.  Get people to buy two books every time they want to order one, and have them send a copy to someone in a prominent position who might do something.  

Put information on the Internet about this.  Put information in your newspapers editorials about this.  Get information out as far and wide as possible.  This awareness indicates that once the New World Order is set up, it will be impossible to bring up such a topic.  Likewise, more and more of the children will officially be taken from families with the statement that they have been abused or neglected, and these children will be put into situations of what is termed 'white slavery' -- being sent to foreign countries for further pornographic use.

This awareness indicates that this is part of the agenda in the final outcome of the New World Order's plans -- to use people as commodities and to use them as slaves.  Indoctrinating and training the young people into being used will be brought into play in the early days of the New World Order, but not likely before "the mark" has been installed in the use of the chip implantations, and not likely will there be any opportunity for such activity prior to the removal of guns from the American people.

This awareness indicates at present, the proliferation of hand guns among the American people is the greatest deterrent to hinder and hold back the New World Order from implementing its complete control over the lives of the masses of people.  There is very little respect for the masses.  They are seen as likened unto possessions from the viewpoint of these world elite planners and corporate executives, and therefore, they do not have a compassion or respect for the people.  They are seen simply as excessive resource.

There is too much of humanity, in their mind, and they have little concern for individuality, or the feelings of entities.  They are seen as 'consumers' or in many cases 'useless consumers', particularly if they cannot earn their own consumption value.  If they consume more than they produce for the government or the corporations, they are seen as strictly useless meat on the hoof.

This awareness indicates that attitude is that which is of no respect to individuality, and therefore, these entities see that they can do anything they want if they can simply get by with it, and the New World Order is being used to set up the situations so that they can get by with anything they want in order to utilize human resources, just as they would utilize mineral resources or vegetation resources and timber resources, et cetera.

The value system in the last 30 years has been altered so greatly that there is little value left in regard to human values or spiritual values.  The making of money is the bottom line value in the modern society, and everyone is more interested in "How can money be made?"

Taking organs from this person to give to that person is not for life saving, it is for the money that comes from such cannibalism of the various organs, and likewise, with all of the other aspects of the human resources, the bottom line is "Can money be made off of this activity?  What other activities can be encouraged that will make money?"

Thus, prostitution and pornography will become an even greater and more open industry after the New World Order is fully implemented.  At present it is an industry that is hidden behind the scenes.

This awareness indicates that generally, when something of this nature is implemented into society, there is a way of impressing society that it is necessary for the security of the nation or of the people, and when this is used as an argument, in most cases, the people will accept it.

This awareness indicates however, as has been said, entities who put too much value on security open themselves to become victims of maximum security, thus, slavery and bondage becomes the outcome of excessive security and entities give up freedoms and the right to express themselves, or the desire to have decency at representing their governments and leaders.

At this time, the value of decency has eroded so greatly that most politicians can be indecent and still win the election if they can show how they are helping the masses improve their lifestyle and their security in their lives.  There are many entities who have been conditioned to think that money gives them freedom, that money and security are the bottom line for a happy life.  They have not fully thought through how much value there is in being free or in being able to go from one place to another without having to get permission from some authority.

As entities become more dependant on government it puts them back into the situation they experienced as children when their parents were overbearing, over-controlling, and when as children, they could only dream of growing up and becoming independant adults.  But many adults do not know what to do with their freedom and thus enjoy subjecting themselves to an overbearing government and are willing to lose their freedoms in order to have greater protection and greater benefits from the governments that they choose to serve them.

When this becomes the greater value, they can be persuaded to remain placid and quiet and silent and go along, to get along, even when the government begins to raid their neighbor's home, take the neighbor's children, et cetera, and they will not ask: "What happened?  Where did they go?" or if they do, and the government simply says: "We are taking care of the entity's family.  The entity committed crimes and we have moved the family to a safe place", the masses will say "Oh! That's good!", without further investigation.

This awareness indicates if they did attempt to investigate, they would run into those who stopped them from going further in their investigation.  They would run into stories and statements to assure them that "All is well, the entity will get a fair trial, the family is relocated to a nice place, in a nice home, and therefore, you need not worry about their safety and their welfare any further."

Meanwhile, the family may be up on the blocks being sold into white slavery or shipped to another country for further use as human resources in slavery or in prostitution or some other money-making activity.

This awareness indicates that this book by Cathy O'Brien is a powerful, ugly, disturbing book that discloses first-hand the inner workings of the New World Order and those entities who are so well known, whose names are household names, so that entities upon reading this book will be disturbed, will be upset, angered, frustrated, but they will as least not be led like sheep or cattle to the slaughter without knowing who is behind this project.

This awareness indicates if there are enough people who awaken to this diabolical activity that is now progressing, it may not be possible for these entities to continue their program.  They are really a relatively small group when compared to the millions of people in the world.  It is just that they have control over the media, and because they have control over the media and over money, they are able to keep others quiet and to intimidate the masses.

This awareness indicates once the masses awaken like a giant mob or a giant army of citizens, these entities would have absolutely no chance of ruling a new world government to subject the masses to slavery.  


Question: "Cathy's daughter Kelly is being held as a mental patient by the state of Tennessee, "for reasons of national security", to prevent Mark and Cathy from deprogramming and rehabilitating her, as Mark has done with Cathy.  Please tell us what Cathy can do to get her daughter back?"  
This awareness indicates that one of the things that readers of the book can do is to send messages and demands, flooding the state of Tennessee, in terms of its governor, in terms of its governing officials and in terms of the institute that holds this entity, demanding that they free her, demanding that newspapers and media take the story, go to this entity, and interview the entity, attempt to tell the story on some of the tabloid shows on television.

It is unlikely that this will actually occur, but the pressure may grow sufficiently to cause these entities to eventually want to quietly usher her out into her mother's care.  This awareness indicates at least they will know that the public is aware of what is happening to this child and they will be aware that if they simply elect to kill the child, then they will also be thrown into the spotlight, because so many entities are aware of the situation of the child being thus held.  


Question: "Whereas the New World Order planners have cornered drug markets, petroleum supplies, weapons and economies, "black wealth" -- what can be done to stop them?"  
This awareness indicates this is the big $64.00 question.  There is no sentence, there is no paragraph, there is no reading that this awareness can give that will serve as an answer to that question.  This awareness indicates what is stopping them right now is the fact that the masses still have some 75 million guns and that the masses do not fully trust the government, do not trust the government to represent the people, and the patriot groups are growing stronger.

These are the main things that are stopping the New World Order planners.  They are desperately trying to find ways to defuse the information coming out against them.  They are also trying to find ways to disarm the militias and the citizens of this country.  This awareness indicates that it is still a struggle, and it cannot simply be answered by a question to this awareness.  It is something that is happening.

This awareness indicates this is likened unto asking during the middle of World War II: "What can be done to end this war?"  The question seems to be meaningful, but there is not some answer for such a question.  The answer that, "Well, they're working on an atomic bomb" would not actually answer the question as it was intended, for the ending of World War II, because it is not a question of what will end this war, or what will be done in the conclusion of this war; it is a question: "What can be done to end this war?" with the implication being: "What can we as entities do?"

This awareness indicates that each entity, by being aware, adds to the power of the masses.  Entities who are not aware are simply uninvolved bodies, human meat on the hoof, as they would say, and they contribute nothing to, or nothing of value to the ending of the crisis, or to the resolution of the crisis.  They are simply there, like a tree, like a bush.  The bushes and the trees in battle do not play much of a part.  They may be used for entities to hide behind, or they may be slaughtered during the war, but the bush and the tree have no motivation to do anything in regard to a battle.

Likewise, entities who do not know what is going on, who are not aware, are much the same.  They may be used, and they may be slaughtered or victimized, but they do not know why, and they do not know what they are doing, if they do anything.  If they hide the enemy, if they help the enemy, if they fight the enemy, then perhaps, out of personal frustration, they may end up doing something to support the masses, but they may also just as easily support the enemy because they do not know what is going on.

This awareness indicates what entities can do is spread the information.  This book itself (Trance Formation of America) is a very powerful weapon against the New World Order, and the more entities have this in their hands, it is actually more powerful than the gun, and if entities have this information then they can do more for the prevention of the New World Order than if they have never heard or witnessed or understood these things.

This awareness indicates it is not the first time that writing -- the pen -- is used to win a victory.  Thomas Paine and his writings helped to win the Revolutionary War, helped to turn the tide against the supporters of Britain, and in favor of the colonies and their independence.  This awareness indicates that this book (Trance Formation of America) can do much the same.

This awareness reminds you of two other books: "Treason: The New World Order" by Gurudas, and the book by David Icke: "And The Truth Shall Set You Free" -- these two books also have powerful information.  Knowledge is power, and knowledge can help entities to better improve their lives, and with these books, entities can be much more powerful as individuals and can help others to have more power also, and the empowerment of the masses is essential in throwing off the yoke of tyranny.  


Question: "What percentage, approximately, of the United States government upper level officials, Congress persons et cetera, are part of the New World Order cabal?"  
This awareness indicates that there are many entities in the upper echelon that have some connections.  Those who are part of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and those who are in the Bilderbergs, and those media personnel who are also involved in those organizations, and the Trilateralists -- these entities are more or less in what the entity refers to as the 'cabal'.

The entities work to some extent with a certain amount of understanding for the New World Order.  To some degree they are not completely informed, partly because their focus is not so much on bringing off the New World Order -- they are most interested in being elected and in enhancing their own power and prestige.  They see the cooperation with the New World Order agenda as benefiting their position, their personal position, and therefore, they go along, to get along.

Many of these entities, if the tide turned suddenly, would also turn their allegiance to the winning side, to become more of a patriot, if they saw that would enhance their personal prestige and better their status.  This awareness suggests that approximately half of the government in legislature and in the executive branch and the Senate would be considered as part of the cabal.

The entities in the Justice Department appear to be even moreso, more than half as working in this direction.  For one thing, those in the Justice Department are more controlled by their Freemasonry backgrounds and these entities being more influenced by Freemasonry -- because Freemasonry is a major player in the New World Order -- will have an influence through the use of the courts and the law, and the judicial department will have an effect on many individuals and situations, so that these entities, while perhaps being approximately 60 to 65% involved in the New World Order, can in some ways have an even greater than 60% to 65% effect on the outcome.

This awareness indicates, however, none has as much potential as the millions of entities who make up the masses, the citizens of the country.  If this citizenry ever fully awakens, it will be impossible for the New World Order to gain any degree of power.  It will crumble, and many of these entities will scramble to hide and deny their involvement.

This awareness indicates that this book (Trance Formation of America), and these other two, and any other similar books, do indeed constitute some extremely powerful weapons in the struggle against tyranny.  How long these books will be available is of course an issue of great concern.  They should be purchased and spread far and wide as quickly as possible.  If entities could spare $300.00 to purchase copies of these books to send to others, to awaken them, it would be a great move on the part of entities, in the preservation of decency and of the values that have made this country an ideal, likened unto a modern-day Camelot, in which legends are made.  


Question: "I have corresponded with the author, and read additional evidence she sent me.  It appears that numerous mind control victims have recently begun having conscious recall of memories, supposedly effectively suppressed.  What caused this?  Is it due to the nearing Photon Belt energies?  Or the waxing energies in our world of the spirit of truth?  Or perhaps waxing Aquarian Age energies, or some other astrological influence?"  
This awareness indicates these are influences -- they are not the only cause however, they are contributing causes.  Another cause is that the mind itself, the very nature of the human spirit is such that it tends to examine its own programming from time to time, and entities who developed as children will eventually, at some time in their life, begin to examine their childhood, those feelings, those thoughts, those experiences that have disturbed them, and they may begin to unravel certain insight that help them better understand what occurred, and memories will flash back to them, things they had suppressed and forgotten for many years.

It is the human spirit that does not accept slavery, even of the mind, does not accept being enslaved, nor does it accept the enslavement of consciousness, and the human spirit eventually begins to seek freedom and find a way out of its programming and conditioning into slavery, and thus, there were, in the sixties and seventies, statements suggested by Dr. Beter, in his contacts with CIA agents, that many of these entities were programmed to forget what they knew, but were beginning to remember, and had begun to inform him of information that was not intended for the public.

Likewise, the same thing occurs today, with many of these Monarch programmed people.  It was assumed that the mind control could be used to totally create new areas in a person's mind so that they could be totally controlled.  But this awareness indicates there are many, many cases of the controlled mind breaking free and recalling things that had been suppressed, either by drugs and hypnosis, or by trauma.

This is the result of the human spirit and its need to be free.  


This awareness indicates in the 1960's, when the MKULTRA programming was first brought into experimental stage and the use of LSD and hallucinogenics and psychedelics was introduced into groups, the intent of the CIA was to find out what effect it would have in helping to control the masses, but they suddenly found that it was causing the masses to awaken and to throw off programmings that had been put in place over many decades, so that suddenly they had people in the streets objecting to the war in Vietnam because they had taken some LSD, or some peyote, or some other psychedelic, and had seen that the war was just a designed program to help the corporations gain greater powers, to help the munitions people to get greater wealth, and they began to protest the war and seek to save the lives of entities in that war, and stop the government from sending young boys into battle for a war that served only the corporations.

These entities, having used these particular types of drugs that awakened their consciousness, instead of being guinea pigs to find a way to control the masses, became free of mind control that had been put upon them since childhood.  Many threw off the mind control from their childhood religions.  Many threw off the mind control from their parents.  Many threw off the mind control from government propaganda and tradition, and sought new ways of doing things, and sought ways to find greater freedom, and to spread that freedom to others.

This awareness indicates that the weird dress was simply a rebellion against the mind control of fashion, and of traditional dress.  And these entities wanted to show themselves to be free of that kind of social control, and this awareness indicates that essentially, those psychedelics helped entities to free their spirit, to become more free than they had ever imagined possible, and this awareness indicates that this is again the dream of the current day user of drugs.  They want to find freedom.  But today, the drugs have been more selectively introduced into the country -- drugs that tend to enslave entities, rather than free them.

Even the current drugs of a psychedelic nature are not as pure, or are not as freeing as the ones used in the sixties.  There are many entities who think that cocaine, which gives them a feeling of power, is actually a drug that is freeing them of their weakness.  It does not free them of their weakness, it simply creates another form of dependency.

They depend on the use of the drug to feel good, to feel important, to feel that they have some kind of personal power, and thus, they become more enslaved by the drugs that are being brought into this country by certain shadow government agencies, such as that which was run by George H.W. Bush and Clinton, and others through Mena, Arkansas, in the last decade.

This awareness indicates that these same forces are still bringing in drugs to the country to seduce and lure the youth into thinking they find freedom through the use of these drugs, when in actuality, the drugs being issued into this country today are simply adding to the controls on the minds of people.  


This awareness indicates that entities should not despair, for there is an enormous numbers of people whose interests lie in preserving the good life for each other, and those who would enslave the masses are very few, and though they have many who work for them, do so more out of fear than out of desire.  They do not desire to enslave their fellow associates, but will do so because they are afraid that if they do not, they themselves will suffer greater ills.

This awareness indicates that gradually, as the masses awaken, they begin to recognize who their true enemies and oppressors are, and as these masses awaken, those who reside in positions in between will come to recognize the power of the masses as being greater than that of the masters, and their allegiance will change, not to support the masters, but to work for the masses.

This awareness indicates that therefore, it does appear, although it is perhaps too early to say, it does appear that the masses in the end will remain in charge and regain the power that has been designed to them by the Constitution, and those who would destroy the Constitution and enslave the masses will be out of luck, and will have exposed themselves for what they are.  


This awareness indicates that it does appear that this should not be construed as telling entities that they can forget it and relax, that all is well, for all is not well yet.  You are involved in a war of information -- it is not as of yet a shooting war.  It may never become a shooting war, for the information that is spread to awaken the masses may be sufficient to ward off any shooting war, and to keep the masses free from oppression.

This awareness indicates changes occur, decade after decade.  They occur so slow and so subtly, that sometimes entities are not even aware of the changes until they look back over months, years or decades and see how much has occurred in the way of change.  This awareness indicates that entities should not be discouraged, should not be depressed by the continual threats of conquest by those who would subjugate the masses, for this has always gone on in humanity, but there are always those thrilling moments and pages in history where entities have thrown off the yoke of oppression and found moments, glory and freedom and expression, and these have grown more and more frequent as the centuries have passed.  


This awareness indicates that the threat is one thing, and needs to be observed and needs to be given attention, but a threat, while it may continue to exist, does not necessarily result in oppression.  The resulting oppression is that which comes when entities do not heed or watch and become aware of the threats.  Therefore, this awareness suggests that you continue to be awakened and alarmed, but you appreciate the moments wherein you are free, and use those moments to help preserve future freedom, to help defuse that threat that might otherwise impinge on your future.

This awareness indicates that you think not only of your own freedom, but also of the freedom of your children and the future generations, for you are the founding fathers of the future generations.  You are the heroes of tomorrow's generations, and if you fail these future generations, these children of your children may curse you and rightly so.  


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  • July 5, 2010 / 23 Tammuz 5770
  • Torah Reading: Matot-Masay

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A troubled Jew's apology.
by Jessi Schneider

There are not many Jews in my part of Louisiana. In fact, I'm the first (openly) Jewish person most of my friends had ever met. Even most of my own family denounced their Judaism for the sake of "safety and social status" after moving here from Austria and Germany.
I refused. My mother, who passed away when I was 16, didn't raise me that way. So ever since grade school, I've worn a Star of David around my neck, regardless of what threats and rumors were circulating. And circulate they did; my first religious fight was in the first grade. She was on the "good side" as a Christian, and I was the "bad side" as a Jew.
I was not a popular kid among students or teachers. In our heavily southern-Baptist town, wearing a star of any kind is not the way to gain popularity. By the time sixth grade rolled around, my peers started pulling sick rumors about the "baby-microwaving, Jesus-murdering Satanic Jewish girl."
I was frazzled by the illogic of it all. Where would a 12-year-old get a supply of babies to be microwaving on a regular basis? Christ killer? I wasn't even alive 2,000 years ago. And I have yet to meet a Satanic Jew.
My teachers participated in the crusade by drawing crosses on my test papers, with a note saying "Jesus loves you." I figured it was illegal to write such a thing on a students paper, but I didn't know what to do.
So I hardened.
I became angry and sullen. Puberty was hitting me like a ton of bricks, my mother was sick with lung disease, and hereditary manic depression was setting in. I developed eating disorders. I self-injured. It's a long story. I was getting into fights and getting suspended.
My Jewish self became the innocent bystander in a troubled teen's body. I became a pariah, unable to separate the facts of my being psychotic and the innocent reality of being Jewish.
My belief in God is the only thing that kept me going (even though the other kids said I didn't believe in Him and that I was going to Hell).
I now realize I was the victim of good ol' anti-Semitism. The bullying started way before I was an angry teen, and it continues even to this day.
Now, at the ripe old age of 18, I wish I had handled things differently. I’m the only Jew these kids ever came in contact with, and maybe ever will. Whenever the word "Jew" is heard by their ignorant ears, they'll think of messed up me, with the Star of David dangling around my neck.
For all this, I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry to the other Southern Jews. I am sorry to the American Jewish community. And I am sorry to the Jews in Israel. In the big picture, my impact on this small town may not matter much, but leaving anyone with a bad impression of Jews is the last thing we need.
So anger, imperfections and all, I will try harder. To be special, to shine the light.
That’s the way my mother raised me.

Published: Saturday, July 03, 2010
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Visitor Comments: 42
  • (42) gordon, July 5, 2010

    Having grown-up in the late 40's and early 50's in the LA area, I to had these problems. The way to over come is to find your talent. My talent was sports. There always is a way to over come the opposition
  • (41) Christopher "Kalevi", July 5, 2010
    A Louisiana Jew? Me Too!!
    I'm from southwestern Louisiana, I wear a very noticeable silver Magen David and I too realize that at times I was mean and angry trying to shield the hurt of feeling left out at times. I now go to a southern Baptist college in central Louisiana where their is one other Jew. I still wear the Magen David and I now realize that I am the only Jewish person or representative of Yiddishkeit that people will ever get. Sometimes the combination of being a teenager made me feel even more different than I was and angst piled onto insecurity and thus I'm afraid I was a bad and only example for many who never had or will encounter a Jewish person, let alone one interested in Jewish values. Had it not been for, I probably never would have encountered a traditional Jewish perspective. Thanks to Jessi and Aish. Shalom Aleichem!
  • (40) Rachel, July 5, 2010
    Don't apologize for reacting normally
    If you are still in school, Jessie, you may want to contact an attorney or legal aid organization. Harrassment of public school students for religious reasons violates the First Amendment -- and this would be just as true if the harrassment were directed at Roman Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, atheists, or anyone else who doesn't fit in with the dominant religion in the community.
  • (39) joseph ozer, July 4, 2010
    be proud
    You did the right thing. Your parents should have been more supportive. They should have also sought the help of the ACLU and B'NAI BRITH to contest anti-semitism in the school system that you attended.
  • (38) Kevin, July 4, 2010
    in the line of darkness shine your light
    Thats all you did in your life was shine your light you came across alot of small town let me say evil darkness you standed up and was strong.What happens when you dont stand up for what you belive in is some part of you is taken a way god bless you and may you shine your light with people who will love you for being you God bless
  • (37) Mark, July 4, 2010
    No need to apologize
    coming from a small Jewish centre in Canada, but admittedly without the challenges that you have had to face - I see no need to apologize whatsover
  • (36) Paul Roda, July 4, 2010
    You/re not alone, check out Chabad is in New Orleans
    My son went to Tulane (new Orleans), where at least 1/3rd of the student body is Jewish. He attended Touro synegogue for high holidays, and met the Oreks, who have kept their company in NOLA because people need the jobs. Go down there for a weekend. The Chabad rabbi and his on campus are wonderful and will welcome you !
  • (35) Seligmann, July 4, 2010
    How to fight antisemitism
    Believe a 72 year old man from Europe: Only hitting the antisemites cures them from their disease at least momentarily.Arguments do not help Courage Jessi
  • (34) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    I am so so sorry
    I am so deeply sorry that you or anyone has had these experiences. I was raised protestant (Christian) with a deep respect and love for the Jewish people and Jewish faith. Without the Jewish faith I would have no hope. To hear your story tears my heart in pieces, and fills me with anger and disappointment; and shame on my part. Most people are very, very ignorant and unlearned about their own faith traditions, even within Christianity. I can only say I am sorry and ask you to forgive; not because I or any of these people deserve it. But because you are a beautiful daughter of the G_d and He loves you deeply. Shalom
  • (33) Yechiel, July 4, 2010
    I have been there
    When I was in grammer school, we owned a motel and trailor park. I had friends, but also, I had to fight my way through school. I was wrong for fighting back, but I did not stop; instead, I sought ways to uderstand the crazyness of these people. My family and friends helped, kept me from becoming bitter. This is what I wish to share with you; if you become bitter, they win! Do not let them. They owe us, all of Israel, many apoligies, but do not hold your breath. Move on, with your head help high, because YOU stood your ground and did it as G-d would have you; loyal to Him. I thank you and may He bless you. Yehiel Shlipshon ben Phisel Avraham HaLevi
  • (32) John(Turtle)Rogers, July 4, 2010
    Growing up Southern...
    I am a non-Jew but grew up in a tiny southern town. I wasn't a church-goer and hung out with Phil Cohen. We were friends all thru highschool and we still exchange emails. There may have been anti-semitic people but I never knew about it. Phil never talked about it, either. I am a Noahide now and Phil just teases me for waiting so long to recognize how important he really was to the gentiles in town.
  • (31) Leah, July 4, 2010
    You have been given a special chance to be come close to Hashem. Hashem works in ways humans cannot understand. THIS is YOUR beginning and it is very unique. It obviously has been hard for you- and one can see why. I was one of three Jews at my school. The other two were my brothers. We lived in the Mid- West and I used to be asked about Jews and we killed J.C. and the like. I remember the swastikas and being told I am going to hell and "my condolences" when they found out I was Jewish etc...... Only now that I am older I appreciate it because I have the knowledge to know that thru a test comes the strength. Be strong, study with Aish Hatorah and strengthen yourself Jewishly. It is that you are a Jew and a Jew is truly unique. We are a nation- the only nation- Am Yisrael. Be proud. You are growing and will be able to one day be in a place where you will recognize and love your unique heritage.
  • (30) Sylvie7, July 4, 2010
    Jessi, don't be so hard on yourself. You're OK. You are freeing yourself from those distorted feelings. People who are anti Semitic will stay that way no matter what a particular Jew does or doesn't do. I'm a lot older than you and have found so much to enjoy in our heritage. I hope you are living in a different place now and can make some Jewish friends and learn more about whatever aspect of being Jewish you enjoy. Good Luck.
  • (29) TMay, July 4, 2010
    see… also case in Belfast Ireland in an attack on Raytheon
    Interesting. If u ever master it I hope u will write a book since it is the problem of so many Jews today. U are not there yet. U are apologizing. U have internalized the negativity. We see so much anti-Semtisim today in Arab lands, Eur, the media, and in the Far Left, and Jews are absorbing it and apologizing for being Jewish and for Israel being Jewish. I look forward when u can respect urself and I look forward to when the Leftist Jews can stop trying to outdo their fellow Leftists on dumping on Israel to prove that they are OK. It is not helpful that the Left has gotten into bed with Islamists nor that Leftists judge a person's goodness on whether they are Leftist. But look who is apologizing, Islamists? no, Leftists? no , but those born Jewish. This week a decision was handed down in a court in the UK. The judge was brought out of retirement to judge the case. "This extraord y moment in modern Brit legal hist y took place this week in Brighton — a city known for its strong affiliations with the Green Party and other Leftist causes. It was a case involving five defendants who had broken into the EDO MBM owned arms factory in January 2009 at the time of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The five admitted breaking into the factory — which was exporting military equipment at the time to Israel — and causing £180,000 ($275,000) worth of damage. Despite actually admitting to an offence that would usually carry a substantial jail sentence, the jury acquitted them, accepting their defence that although they had committed a crime they were doing so in order to prevent the greater offence of Israeli “war crimes”. The Judge in the case, George Bathurst-Norman, was quite explicit in his summing up for the jury in encouraging them to employ their political prejudices against Israel in their decision". Also N. Ireland. Any1 Jewish want to apologize? (sarc) U prefer to concentrate on u than realize that u do not have the power, same with peace in ME.
  • (28) Dr. Bill, July 4, 2010
    Dear Jessi, You musn't feel bad. You, after all, are the one who remained unashamed of being Jewish throughout your 18 years of life, in spite of its taking its significant toll on you. Those in your town are the ones who learned hate from birth--you could have been the most psychologically sound Jew in the world and they'd have found a reason to hate you. You may tell them that infinitely far worse than a "supposed" commission of deicide- of a Jew, no less- (who, even per most true followers of the New Testament, were the Romans,) was the "loving" Christian's INVENTION of deicide (even if well-intentioned,) which has caused unspeakable harm, hate, torture, grief, and evil to befall the world for millenia. You are to be admired for your mesirus nefesh (self-sacrifice:the translation doesn't fully capture the meaning)-you should take back your apology, in my opinion, and be very proud of yourself!!!!
  • (27) Harriet, July 4, 2010
    You go girl!
    My mother was a diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic; unfortunately she spent many years in a locked facility When I was 14 (in 1955) I went to live with my father (he had gone to court to get my custody). Both of them taught me to be proud of who I was and never to deny being Jewish, even though we were very secular. After all this time I still miss both of my parents, but I am also very proud of the basics that I was taught by them. You are just beginning your long life. There are quite a few Jewish Universities throughout the country and Israel (of all movements) that I am positive would be happy to offer you scholarships and financial aid. Please consider beginning the rest of your life at one of these schools, where being Jewish is the norm and not the exception. Please continue to write these thoughtful articles and keep us posted, about your progress.
  • (26) Michal, July 4, 2010
    Chin up kiddo
    If you weren't outraged you wouldn't have been paying attention. My sister is 19, she's feelin it here in LA. I'm a young 33, I feel it in Reno. My favorite psalm for this situation is one Christians love to try to bite off of us.... The lord is my shepherd baby. MINE by BIRTHRIGHT!
  • (25) Jackie, July 4, 2010
    Thank you for sharing your choice
    I understand the challenges of a small Southern town when you are "the only one". I am not Jewish, simply the daughter of a divorced woman when that was not the norm in this country and often the "new kid in town". You have made an amazing and courageous choice. I hear that you are choosing to be a light, when those around you are portraying you as darkness itself. I offer you my support and encouragement as you represent G-d in the way that means the most to you and to the world. Thank you.
  • (24) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    Thank you Louisiana Jew
    Nice to hear from someone who knows better and wants to set the right example after all.
  • (23) ellen, July 4, 2010
    I admire your strength and honesty
    You did the best you could under very difficult circumstances. Even in the face of so much sufering you held on to your religion. Kol hakavod! Now you are resolved upon a positive life, learning lessons from the past and building a better future. You are on the road to greatness, and I wish you a strong, supportive Jewish network, so you will also learn to enjoy your birthright.
  • (22) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    I am inspired by your amazing pride over being a Jew. I think the best next step would be to go to Israel and learn in a seminary (contact anyone from aish to help you out). You deserve to learn about our beautiful Torah and about how special you are.
  • (21) JJ, July 4, 2010
    I've been there
    Dear Jessi, Double your story for me. I grew up in the only Jewish family in a deeply anti-semitic rural town, and topped that by attending a Protestant college deep in the Bible Belt. But time has a way of resolving things. When I go back to the small town of my childhood, folks there now brag that they have TWO synagogues, Reform and Conservative! Additionally, I hear some strong pro- Israel sentiment from fundamentalist people. So hold your head up and smile - You and I are lucky to be part of the Covenant at Mount Sinai and to seek Adonai as His Jewish children.
  • (20) Pete Maniscalco, July 4, 2010
    Jews are not the only ones who have suffered intolerance
    Dear Jessi, stand strong and confident in your faith and your being a loved chilld of G-d. I am an 85 year old man of Italian heritage and growing up in a predominantly Protestant area I was constantly victimized as a child but I did not fight or defend myself but stood tall and confident that I as a child of G-d was as good as anyone else. My religiousheritage was Roman Catholic but I was fortunate tohave a liberal thinking parent who gave me the privelege of choosing my own faith when I was of responsible age. I have studied many religions and have decided that my belief in a supreme being is my faith and when my time comes to know more I will and my faith tells me it will be better. And so with you my dear --maintain your faith in the Hebrew Religion . One cannot wash ones hands of responsiblilty. G-d blesses you my child. Pete Maniscalco
  • (19) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    I understand
    I understand; I've been there too. I forgave you before you even asked.
  • (18) Samson, July 4, 2010
    The way school is when you are younger
    Kids have always been and always will be anti-something all the way from the start until you leave HS. Especially in small schools where you can't sort of blend in or become"invisible" I was always the big guy around my small town so even now people don't bother me but they usually think I am some "old hippy" since I have a long beard these days. And I have been here for almost 40 of my 52 years. So you tend to even have just a certain group of friends and in my case they know about this "Jewish" thing and actually like that and all the things that come with that.
  • (17) sarah, July 4, 2010

    Jessi, please take good care of yourself. You are in need of healing, physical and mental, because of everything you've been through. And as others have written, it is most desirable that you get in touch with a rabbi to help you with the healing process. My best wishes to you, and may you soon be able to live in a Jewish neighborhood, which will greatly help your healing.
  • (16) david, July 4, 2010
    proud of you
    dear jessie you are great and we are proud of you or having the courage to do teshuva ! you will be a fine example to the jewish nation and the rest of the world !
  • (15) sherri, July 4, 2010
    I just want to give you a great big hug
    All of us,wherever we live, have regrets about how well we should have represented the Jewish people in an anti-semitic world. Those who don't are the ones we need to worry about. It is a huge milestone that you have reached, to know that we are, every where we go, representing the nation of priests, the holy nation, and we need to be a light to the nations. Know that your realization of this, is your teshuva for having dropped the ball, when you really were not able to do otherwise anyway. I would be happy to have you write me personally (I give Aish permission to give you my address). We have children your age and we lived previously in Louisiana and understand the environment that you live in. We would be happy for you to visit us where we live in Florida. I bless you with strength, love and good friends. May we all merit to live in rebuilt Jerusalem soon!
  • (14) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    I would be proud to be this young ladies' surrogate Jewish Momma.
    I would be proud to be your surrogate Jewish Momma.First things first,you my dear, smile in the mirror and look at your beautiful face.Guilt is NOT your best friend,drop this guilt-- that is yesterday's news ! Be good to yourself.Your mother of Blessed Memory raised a wonderful daughter.Please believe in loving yourself first, after all you come from the best ''Our Proud Jewish People'' !! Aish has my e-mail ! Please contact me.By the way -- I live in the ''sometimes'' southern state of Maryland. I too have been told that I and my people killed a very famous carpenter !
  • (13) Joel G., July 4, 2010
    Nothing to apologize for
    Jessi, You need to stop apologizing. Your situation is far less rare than you imagine. I am still not clear why you feel the need to apologize to any other Jews--be they in Israel or in the South. You were victimized by those ignorant of so many things and if anything your story shows tremendous resolve and while some may call if stiff necked (a neck by the way upon which the Star of David was worn), it was your way of coping. At such a young age wait to see how many more positive things you will encounter. Getting through rough teen years in such a setting may have been unbelievably difficult, but here you are contributing a thoughful essay to a site like Write on Jessi and hope that things will only be better as you see what life brings beyond your town 's borders.
  • (12) Pam, July 4, 2010
    welcome to the club!
    Hi Jessi, I know exactly how you feel. I am raising my children in the same circumstances, a small southern bible belt town, and they have been subjected to the same things. How do we deal with it? It became a blessing instead of a curse. When I lived in larger cities, I did not have to work so hard at being a Jew. In fact, I did not do much at all. However, being under siege in a way, being under a microscope, made me work harder at it. We all studied Judaism in order to defend ourselves, and more so- to understand who we are. I learned Hebrew- because I had to teach it to my children. We had to truly know, understand, and live by our faith because it was constantly challenged. I sent the kids to Jewish camps, and as they got older, to colleges that had larger Jewish populations. We recognized the responsibility we had: we were the only representatives of Judaism our friends and neighbors would ever know, and we behaved as such. Yes, it is not fun, it's lonely, but G-d put you here to grow in a unique way. When we are around other Jews and Jewish resources, we appreciate what others may take for granted. The best defense against evangelism and anti semitism is to know the beautiful religion you already have- another just won't do for you.
  • (11) Judi, July 4, 2010
    You have nothing to be ashamed of.
    Find your peace within you. G-d is right there within you. You are awake and alive and Hashem breathed your soul into you. He's always there with you. Don't be alone. Find Chabad and be part of a community of Jews, however small it may be there. See if you can go to Israel on birthright and understand firsthand that it's really OK to be Jewish. That's how I found out I didn't have to hide who I was. It was 42 years ago when I went and found a place where everyone was Jewish and I was really OK being Jewish for the first time in my life.
  • (10) Alina, July 4, 2010
    we have nothing to forgive you for!
    My dear fellow Jew, we have nothing to forgive you for! It is your anti-Semitic neighbors that should ask forgiveness of you! And if you gave them a little hell, they probably more than deserved it!
  • (9) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    poor girl
    Dear Jesse, As you can see, your letter has brought alot of love to you. We all feel your pain, and as it says in the first letter above, you have got to get outta there and make yourself a life. Go to any city that has a major Jewish population (like Jerusalem or Florida,)but before going, go oline and find a Chabad house (chabad org,) and speak to a Rabbi or Rebbetzin (Rabbi's wife) so they can help you make arrangements to live there. All the wives of the Chabad houses ae SOO wonderful!They will teach you everything you need to know so you can decide what you want to do with your life. Continue doing what you love (if you are going to college) or find a job, but don't be afraid, you are doing the right thing. and certainly, don't apologize, it's not your fault. We are here for you and will always be here for you. If you want, you can ask Aish to give you my e-mail address and I wil love to talk to you and encourage you. Good luck!! Love, SH
  • (8) Laurie, July 4, 2010
    I am so sorry for their ignorance
    The Supreme loves you so much, as you know. You are wonderful for having had to go through the crude that you did growing up. Ignorance is a terrible thing. You said it right in so many ways when you told your story. For whatever it means to you, I am sorry and would like to let you know that I wish to apologize for the ignorance that is around us. In a different time and place, we could all be the victim or the persecuted. I only know you through your note, but I love you for who you are.
  • (7) Hymie Zoltsveis, July 4, 2010
    You have no need for an apology
    You need not apologize. You are a Jew---one of G-d's Chosen People. We are not always doing the right thing, BUT we are G-d's representatives here on Earth. The enemies of G-d see us as the enemy, and express that emnity via anti-Semitism. NEVER GIVE UP. You need to connect more with other Jews----Jews who are proud and happy with who they are. Chabd is an excellent choice. If there is a Jew---ANYWHERE---they want to be there to help that Jew. We have a lot to be proud of, but we also have a lot to learn about being better Jews. When it is time to date, PLEASE do yourself a favor and only date Jews of good character. Don't confuse yourself, or setttle for less, by dating non-Jews. I speak from sad experience----which I have corrected. I am now VERY happily married to a wonderful Jewish woman. Just smile, be proud of who you are, and keep doing what a Jew should do. BE PROUD. BE HAPPY.
  • (6) Miriam, July 4, 2010
    Why are you apologizing?
    You are one of the bravest people I have ever read about. To keep up your Jewish pride with all the abuse you received is remarkable. Ninety-nine out of a hundred adults, never mind teenagers, would have capitulated. You have an exceptional strength of spirit that will take you far. Thank you for sharing your remarkable story.
  • (5) Anonymous, July 4, 2010
    You are heroic
    Please take action to reduce and relieve your suffering. There are many areas in the U.S. and, of course, Israel where one may practice Judaism in a highly supportive environment. Please move if you can as soon as you can. Staying where you are sounds like a guarantee of further suffering. Please reach out to Jewish organizations, perhaps Chabad, or your most local rabbi who should be able to point you in the right direction. Please be sure to seek care for you psychological problems as well. I wish you success and happiness. May G-d grant you the strength to achieve your goals and help you to experience the kind of life that you want for yourself.
  • (4) Ron, July 4, 2010
    I apologize with you
    Your column struck a nerve as I have similar experiences and had similar guilt. I also grew up in an area with few jews, and almost no religious jews, somewhere in the Netherlands. I was bullied and by some it was real antisemitism and by others it was just because they new which button to push. In a christian high school I had to defend myself against 'jesus killer' claims as well, and people I did not know came to look for religious or political fights. As one of the few, or only openly jewish person they knew I was an ambassador to the jewish people and the state of Israel. I became an angsty teen with a chip on his shoulder. Suffice it to say, this didn't help my popularity much. With time I had a lot of people around me, but not close friends. The past few years I've calmed down, became more observant, and relaxed. That is the nasty thing about regret; the more you've changed for the better, the more you come to regret the pre-change past. I don't let it get to me anymore; I needed all these experiences to become the man I am today; and I've come to love that person. I wish you luck in your life's journey; as I can read from your self-reflection, you'll do fine.
  • (3) Avraham, July 4, 2010
    you're forgiven
    As an American Jew in Israel, I forgive you for leaving a bad impression of Jews in your little town in Louisiana. I pray that you'll lead an exemplary life from now on and that someday you join the rest of your people in Israel.
  • (2) Sharon, June 27, 2010
    Take care of yourself
    I have respect for the fact that you care about the Jewish image among your peers. You actually sound more concerned about that than your own welfare. And you are right that sanctifying G-d's name is a very important principle in the Jewish faith. But I must say that given your psychological frailty, you must give priority to your own well being. I would advise you to find a supportive environment in which you will be loved for who you are - a Jewish soul with a strong conscience, the product of a special Mom. From what you write, those anti-Semites you've encountered would not accept you as long as you showed off your Jewish identity. You have no reason to blame yourself for their hatred. You may have suffered from psychosis, but no one could blame you for that. Their behavior, on the other hand, rings of evil.
  • (1) Anonymous, June 13, 2010
    I understand!
    You sound amazing and I really understand. I grew up in a place called Scaggsville, Maryland where no one had ever seen a Jew. My brother got beat up often on the way to school and I was so lonely I started sneaking off to church services with my "friends." Now I am married to a Rabbi and I live in Israel with all of my children and grandchildren. Come visit me! Aish has my e-mail. I live in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Keep writing, you are very good! A Jewish Mom.

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Rising cost of Emergency Admissions in UK
Author: Hugo Minney
Published: July 05, 2010 at 6:53 am

United Kingdom has universal healthcare – free at the point of need (paid for, of course, through taxes).  This works well – people generally don’t suffer unnecessary pain, get back to work quickly, and those most in need (the very young and the elderly – for whom health insurance is generally prohibitively expensive) get the care they need.
But one of the most expensive parts of the system, the Emergency Department (Accident & Emergency or A&E in UK) is now becoming one of the most widely used – people know that they will be seen within 4 hours, which is faster than they will be seen by their Doctor, so they pitch up at A&E.
Care suffers – if what you really need is a good listening to, and some advice on diet and exercise, you aren’t going to get that in A&E.  Costs suffer – seeing your GP costs NHS around £18 ($22), whereas turning up at A&E costs £70 ($98), plus any additional tests, and an admission could easily cost £1500 ($2100).

So what can be done about it?A person's local GP is the decision point of this whole process.   The GP makes decisions to send a patient to hospital, or to treatment closer to home: the right treatment is cheaper in the long term.  Patients may be the experts on their own symptoms, but they aren’t the experts when it comes to deciding what is wrong with them and what treatment is appropriate (and this can end up as expensive and poor quality, as Porter & Teisberg illustrated in 2005 )
But Primary Care Trusts (PCTs – the local bodies set up to plan and pay for health services locally) aren’t always good at engaging with GPs – and in spite of the present government’s efforts , GPs are not going to ignore lessons learnt over a number of years (“David Nicholson doubts 2012 timescale for GP commissioning role”).

MoneyEngaging with frontline healthcare professionals will be needed, if UK is to balance the budget   The health service costs around £100billion ($146bn) to the tax payer, and unlike many parts of government spending, this sum is protected during the austerity measures.  But we should anticipate that the government will expect more for their money – for example elderly care, currently paid for out of a social care budget, is likely to become part of health funding.  Engagement is vital, and we must look for ways to achieve it.

Read comments on this article, and add some feedback of your own

About this article

Article Author: Hugo Minney
Working with the National Health Service in UK, I like to take pot shots at what clearly isn't working. But I'm responsible - my key role is to start to make things work. Now there's a life ambition!
Hugo Minney's author pageAuthor's Blog

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engaging doctors, healthcare reform, primary care,

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Actualités Nouvelobs <  High Tech <  depeches 05.07.2010 14:07
Frash, où comment mettre du Flash dans son iPad et son iPhone
Spécialiste du jailbreaking d'iPhone, le pirate Comex s'est trouvé une nouvelle passion : adapter Flash sur les produits Apple. C'est avec l'iPad qu'il a débuté l'opération et fait une démonstration de Frash.

(c) CNet Spécialiste du jailbreaking d'iPhone, le pirate Comex s'est trouvé une nouvelle passion : adapter Flash sur les produits Apple. C'est avec l'iPad qu'il a débuté l'opération et fait une démonstration de Frash.

On le sait tous, Apple et Adobe se livrent une guerre sans merci depuis que la technologie Flash est considérée comme persona non grata sur les produits frappés d?une pomme comme l?iPhone et l?iPad. Mais ce boycott inspire les pirates et le dénommé Comex a décidé de porter le Flash sur le smartphone et la tablette Apple. Bien connu des forums «underground » pour son programme de déblocage de l?iPhone, Comex a récupéré le plug-in utilisé par Adobe pour les smartphones Android, et il a décidé de l?adapter sur l?iPhone et l?iPad. Il lui a même trouvé un petit nom : Frash.

En fait, ce programme permet de faire tourner des applications Flash à l?intérieur de Safari. Notre hacker vient d?ailleurs de mettre en ligne une vidéo de son exploit sur un iPad. On le voit jouer, mais en revanche, il précise que la lecture de vidéos ne fonctionne pas encore. A terme, il indique aussi que seuls les iPhone 3GS et iPhone 4 pourront faire tourner Frash. (EP)
Pratique : restaurer l'ancienne version d'une application iPhone et Mettre à jour une application iPhone

la rédaction, CNET France

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<strong>ZZ Top - Legs</strong>

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English | Français

Combien de personnes pensez-vous pouvoir faire venir sur une page web ?
En 7 minutes.


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An error occurred.
Maybe your profile is private ?

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<strong>C'est un fou</strong> et Moto

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<strong>Le motard volant</strong> et Moto

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Xerces Java Parser 1.4.4 Release
 The Xerces Java Parser 1.4.4 supports the XML 1.0 recommendation and contains advanced parser functionality, such as support for the W3C's XML Schema recommendation version 1.0, DOM Level 2 version 1.0, and SAX Version 2, in addition to supporting the industry-standard DOM Level 1 and SAX version 1 APIs.
Note that because some of the standards are still not complete, the stable API will definitely be different from its current form in Xerces-J 1.4.4. This is your chance to give us feedback on the features that are important to you, and let us know whether the APIs that we are providing are the right ones. Please direct your feedback to the Xerces-J mailing list.

Extracting the Xerces-J 1.4.4 Source
 The Xerces 1.x codebase has been migrated from CVS to Subversion. Since work began on Xerces 2.x the Xerces 1.x code has been located on a branch. To extract the Java sources for Xerces 1.x into a directory called "xerces1", enter the following command:
svn co xerces1

License Information
 The Xerces-J 1.4.4 release is available in both source code and precompiled binary (JAR files) form. Both Xerces-J packages are made available under the Apache Software License.

Applications of the Xerces-J Parser
 The rich generating and validating capabilities allow the Xerces-J Parser to be used for:
  • Building XML-savvy Web servers.
  • The next generation of vertical applications which will use XML as their data format.
  • On-the-fly validation for creating XML editors.
  • Ensuring the integrity of e-business data expressed in XML.
  • Building truly internationalized XML applications.

XML Schema 1.0 (beta) Support
 This release includes full support for the W3C XML Schema Recommendation, except for limitations as described on the XML Schema page. We intend to remove these limitations and fix outstanding bugs in the next release of Xerces-J.

DOM Level 2 Support
 This release includes support for DOM Level 2 Core, Events, and Traversal and Range modules. The DOM Level 2 specification is now a W3C Recommendation.

SAX 2 Support
 This release includes support for the SAX Version 2 APIs which have been finalized.

Configuration Mechanism
 Xerces-J 1.4.4 uses a collection of methods to configure various settings in the parser. This release includes a new mechanism for setting parser switches. This mechanism uses the SAX2 configuration methods that are part of the XMLReader interface. We have defined a series of properties and features for the Xerces-J options.

Copyright © 1999-2005 The Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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Wikipédia change d'apparence.Help us find bugs and complete user interface translations

Quelque chose a changé ? Wikipédia s'améliore ! En savoir plus... [Réduire]
[Aidez-nous à traduire cet appel !]

Dune (roman)
Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.
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Pour les articles homonymes, voir Dune (homonymie).
AuteurFrank Herbert
GenreScience-fiction, Roman
Version originale
Titre originalDune
Langue originaleAnglais
Pays d'origine
Lieu de parution originalÉtats-unis
Date de parution originale1965
Version française
TraducteurMichel Demuth
Lieu de parutionFrance
ÉditeurRobert Laffont
Date de parution1972
Nombre de pages348
SérieLe Cycle de dune
Le Messie de DuneLe Messie de Dune

Consultez la liste des éditions de cette œuvre :
Dune (Frank Herbert).

Voir aussi sur Wikiquote les citations «  Dune ».

Dune est un roman de science-fiction écrit par Frank Herbert et publié aux États-Unis en 1965. Dans les éditions françaises, ce roman est quelquefois fragmenté en deux volumes (Dune I et Dune II) ou en trois parties contenant respectivement 22, 15 et 11 chapitres[réf. souhaitée].
Résumé [modifier]Ce qui suit dévoile des moments clés de l’intrigue.

L’histoire débute en l’an 10191 après la création de la Guilde spatiale. L’empereur Shaddam IV exerce son pouvoir féodal[1] sur tout l’univers connu. L’humanité a conquis une grande étendue de l’univers, notamment grâce à une mystérieuse substance dénommée « Épice » ou « Mélange ». L’Épice constitue un puissant stimulant cérébral et permet à certains humains de décupler leurs capacités psychiques. De plus, elle accroît considérablement la durée de vie et immunise le corps contre de nombreuses maladies. Son origine précise est un mystère et les quantités disponibles sont rarissimes ; elle est par ailleurs impossible à synthétiser. L'ensemble de ces paramètres lui confère une valeur monétaire particulièrement élevée.
Dune, la planète [modifier]
On ne trouve l'Épice que sur la planète Arrakis, la planète des sables que ses habitants, les Fremens, appellent « Dune ». Cet endroit intéresse donc toutes les factions importantes de cet univers. Du fait de l’absence de précipitations, l’eau est rare et extrêmement précieuse sur Arrakis. Elle constitue une monnaie d’échange et de nombreux dispositifs permettent de l’économiser ou de la récupérer[N 1]
Historique [modifier]
La galaxie a été autrefois le théâtre du Jihad Butlérien, lorsque les humains se sont libérés du joug des Machines Pensantes et des robots conscients. Toute forme d’intelligence artificielle étant désormais proscrite, on a spécialisé des hommes dans certaines tâches : les mentats, par exemple, sont de véritables ordinateurs humains. La Guilde spatiale, en l’absence d’ordinateurs, a pris le contrôle des voyages intersidéraux : en effet, après un long apprentissage et une mutation totale de leur être par l’Épice qui leur donne des dons de prescience, ses navigateurs sont les seuls êtres aptes à pouvoir calculer des trajectoires sûres pour les voyages spatiaux.
Le Duc Leto de la Maison Atréides règne sur Caladan, une planète agricole et océanique. Sa concubine, Dame Jessica, est une Bene Gesserit, école exclusivement féminine aux visées politiques mystérieuses et aux pouvoirs non moins étranges. Par amour pour Leto, Jessica lui a donné un fils, Paul Atréides, désobéissant en cela aux directives du Bene Gesserit dont le programme génétique prévoyait qu’elle engendre une fille. Les Bene Gesserit, surnommées les « Sorcières » par ceux qui les craignent, cherchent à créer un mâle, par sélection génétique, qui pourra voir ce qu’elles ne peuvent voir : le Kwisatz Haderach.
Paul, le fils de Leto et sa concubine, Jessica, est formé par les meilleurs guerriers de l’Empire (Thufir Hawat, Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck) à l’art du combat (au couteau car c’est l’arme la plus efficace depuis l’invention du bouclier). Qui plus est, il bénéficie de l’enseignement Bene Gesserit de sa mère sur le contrôle du corps et du système nerveux et est devenu un combattant redoutable. Il possède aussi des dons latents de prescience et d’analyse mentat.
L’Empereur confie au Duc Leto la planète Arrakis, ancien fief de la Maison Harkonnen, ennemi héréditaire des Atréides. Mais devant la popularité grandissante du « Duc Rouge »[réf. nécessaire], son cousin Leto, auprès du Landsraad, l’Empereur joue un double jeu. Il complote en secret avec la Maison Harkonnen afin de faire tomber la Maison Atréides dans le piège d’Arrakis. Leto est livré aux Harkonnens assistés secrêtement par les troupes d’élite de l’Empereur (les Sardaukars). Leto est trahi par son propre médecin Suk, Wellington Yueh, ce dernier espérant tuer le Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, au moyen d’un poison dissimulé dans une dent de Leto lors de sa capture. Yueh souhaite venger sa femme, tuée par le Baron. Jessica et Paul s’enfuient dans le désert où ils sont aidés par les Fremen conduits par le naib Stilgar et Liet Kynes, ce dernier étant officiellement planétologiste impérial et l’arbitre du changement de fief.
Ici se situe la transition entre les tomes I et II du roman.
Jessica et Paul se réfugient chez les Fremen, peuple du désert « natif » d’Arrakis. Guidés par Liet Kynes, les Fremen voient en Paul un Messie, leur Mahdi, qui apportera le bonheur et l’eau à leur peuple. Paul devient alors Muad’dib et prend une Fremen comme concubine : Chani, la fille de Liet et Sayyadina du Sietch Tabr.
Utilisant la Missionaria Protectiva, Jessica devient la nouvelle Révérende Mère du Sietch, après avoir transformé l’Eau de Vie — eau dans laquelle est noyé un ver nouveau-né. Peu après, elle donne naissance à Alia, la fille du Duc et sœur de Paul. Au fil du temps, Paul Muad’dib et Jessica rassemblent les tribus Fremen et harcèlent le neveu du Baron Harkonnen, Glossu Rabban, qui a la gérance d’Arrakis. La Maison Harkonnen va devoir affronter la puissance tapie dans le désert et réveillée par Muad’dib.
Peu à peu, au contact de l’Épice, Paul s’éveille à la prescience. Il a une révélation lorsqu’il absorbe l’Eau de Vie, poison que seules les Bene Gesserit sont censées pouvoir neutraliser par une adaptation volontaire leur métabolisme. Muad’dib peut voir le « maintenant », il peut voir en tout lieu ce qu’il s’y passe. Considéré comme le Kwisatz Haderach, il est en fait autre chose… peut être bien plus…
Devenu chef et messie des Fremen, Paul Muad’Dib les mène à la victoire face aux troupes des Sardaukars de l’Empereur. Vaincu, Shaddam se trouve obligé d’accepter le mariage d’alliance de sa fille Irulan avec Paul. Il accepte ainsi la domination des Atréides, et se retrouve lui-même exilé sur Salusa Secundus, planète de formation des Sardaukars.
Place dans le cycle de Dune
Article détaillé : Cycle de Dune.

Compléments posthumes :

Adaptations [modifier]
Article détaillé : Œuvres de l’univers de Dune
Classique de la science-fiction [modifier]
Ce roman est considéré comme un grand classique de la science-fiction dans les ouvrages suivants :
  • Annick Beguin, Les 100 principaux titres de la science-fiction, Cosmos 2000, 1981 ;
  • Jacques Sadoul, Anthologie de la littérature de science-fiction, Ramsay, 1981 ;
  • Jacques Goimard et Claude Aziza, Encyclopédie de poche de la science-fiction. Guide de lecture, Presses Pocket, coll. « Science-fiction », no 5237, 1986 ;
  • Denis Guiot, La Science-fiction, Massin, coll. « Le monde de … », 1987 ;
  • Science-fiction. La bibliothèque idéale, Albin Michel, 1988 ;
  • Enquête du Fanzine Carnage mondain auprès de ses lecteurs, 1989 ;
  • Lorris Murail, Les Maîtres de la science-fiction, Bordas, coll. « Compacts », 1993 ;
  • Stan Barets, Le science-fictionnaire, Denoël, coll. « Présence du futur », 1994 ;
  • Bibliothèque idéale du webzine Cafard cosmique.
Notes et références [modifier]Notes
  1. Les Fremens utilisent des distilles, des combinaisons spéciales qui permettent de récupérer l’eau du corps.

  1. « En effet le Jihad Butlérien a créé une société féodale quelque peu bloquée ». Frank Herbert (trad. Michel Demuth), Dune, vol. tome II, 1980 [[url=]détail des éditions[/url]] , page 8.
Précédé parDuneSuivi par
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Le Vagabond de Fritz Leiber
Prix Hugo du meilleur roman ex-æquo avec Toi l’immortel de Roger Zelazny
Révolte sur la Lune de Robert A. Heinlein
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